5 Reasons To Watch A Christmas Carol

Give yourself some early Christmas feels



Is your to-do list giving you the holiday horrors? Instead of feeling the Christmas spirit, do you feel like your work stress will likely turn you into, well, a spirit instead?


There’s no better way to tap into those Christmas feels than by watching A Christmas Carol. It’s the Charles Dickens novelette of legendary Christmas hater Ebenezer Scrooge retold in musical form. We caught the press preview last December 1 and went home feeling like it was already December 25. Here are five reasons to catch the Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical production at the Globe Iconic store in Bonifacio Global City.


1. The music was composed by Alan Menken.

You may not know him by name, but you’ve certainly heard Alan Menken’s works. He’s the Academy Award-winning composer behind Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin and Little Mermaid. His tunes for A Christmas Carol—played with aplomb by a full orchestra led by Daniel Bartolome—are just as memorable! (A day after and we’re still humming, “There’s a place called hoooome…”)


2. The production design will transport you straight to Charles Dickens’s England.

The production definitely didn’t scrimp on the period costumes. We almost felt sorry for the cast, who gave an all-out performance in thick coats, scarves, petticoats and more. But it definitely sold the audience on the setting.


Unlike watching a movie, one of the best things about watching a play live is to see all the things going onstage at once. The sprawling, multi-level stage lets A Christmas Carol’s ginormous cast strut their stuff, especially during the many, many crowd scenes.


Pro-tip: Match the white Christmas feels in a chic white cropped pullover that gives you just the right amount of warmth in case it gets chilly


3. That part when they sing “Link By Link.”

One of the coolest numbers during the first act was Link by Link, the song that plays when the ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge’s dead partner pays him a visit…and a whole crowd of ghosts pops in. They whip their chains around the stage, drag Scrooge around and dance in synch. It’s cool and creepy.


4. The guy playing Scrooge is just top-notch.

Of course, he’s Miguel Faustmann. The Philippine theater legend growls and grumbles his way through the musical’s first part. Then by the time the three ghosts come knocking, he completely sells Scrooge’s happy change of heart. You’re just going to have to see it to feel it.


5. Everyone can enjoy!

Of course, you’ll get the complete experience if you pick up a ticket, but even if you’re just passing by the Fort area, you can still sit on the grass outside the amphitheater and enjoy the musical. That’s because Globe graciously set up gigantic screens beside the outdoor arena for everyone to get to watch the play. As director Robbie Guevarra told the crowd outside right before the press show, “This show is for you, too!”



9 Works Theatrical’s A Christmas Carol runs all weekends of December. For ticket prices and more information, click here.

Words Lio Mangubat

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