5 Shows That Deserve An Emmy Award

We have our alarms marked for September 18th!

The ballots have been passed and the nominees have been announced as one of the biggest awards night in television fast approaches. Fans and critics have weighed in on the various choices, possibilities and deserve-ability of the shows. And while we have a great pool to choose from, here are our top picks:

Better Call Saul

The origin story of Saul Goodman has taken the television world by storm – and rightfully so. While it focuses on a character that we were first introduced to in Breaking Bad, it can and has stood steadily on its own.

Better Call Saul has been great at character development (minor roles included), acting, cinematography, script and even set design. Every detail is carefully and meaningfully thought out and each episode has had us at the edge of our seats.

House Of Cards

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This gripping story that takes us into the minds of the Underwoods as they continue on their journey for political power cannot be ignored. The twists and turns have held us in since the very first season and every cliffhanger has only left us wanting more.

The barely-there filter in terms of subject content and human capability is raw and utterly terrifying in House of Cards.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things dove into entertainment’s spotlight when it was released on Netflix last year. The mysterious past of Eleven, the sudden disappearances and the frightening Upside Down had people binging the series left and right.

Without a doubt, Stranger Things is a fan favorite at this year’s Emmys and it’s easy to understand why. The story, the characters, the special effects and the world that the Duffer brothers have created is one we cannot stop revisiting.


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The racism in Black-ish has been debated online, but there is no denying how its overall theme is one that millions of people can relate to all over the world. Following the story of Andre Johnson and his family as he tries to raise his children in a generally white suburban community, the series is light-hearted when possible yet genuine in all aspects.

In a world that is constantly getting mixed, Black-ish is as poignant as it is funny. And while some controversy has surrounded the show, we love it for its honesty, humor and sensitivity.

Master Of None

It’s been said that Master Of None is a show that cannot be picked up and put down. Instead, it is a show to be binge-watched and appreciated. It follows the life of Dev Shah, who struggles to find his way in New York City. And while he does, he falls into numerous situations that take the audience on a rollercoaster ride.

Coming from an Emmy Award-winning first season, it looks likely the team behind Master of None will be called on stage yet again.

The Emmy Awards will begin on September 18th, 8AM Manila time. Catch all of your favorite nominees with 6 months of Netflix free for Globe At Home Plan 1299 and up. 

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