5 Shows To Watch In Bed Or On The Road On A Rainy Day

For those of us that need to #adult but want to do it different. Because why not?



For some reason, it’s a lot harder to leave home when the clouds start to gray. There are too many things that seem to complement the rain—like pambahay clothes, a bed or couch and a great show to get lost in. But luckily for those of us that need to #adult and go through a daily 2-hour commute to get to work, there's Netflix to keep us cozy and entertained.



The OA

After several years, an adopted woman by the name of Prairie Johnson reappears in her hometown. She dubs herself the OA, has scars on her back and can now see despite being blind when she left. Her story begins to unravel as she assembles a team of locals and begins to tell her tale.


Perfect for those #NawawalaAko days.



Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries

As far as science and the human mind have gotten, there are just some things that cannot be explained. And this is exactly what Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries is all about. The show investigates situations and instances that somehow elude logic. Prepare to dig into the curiosities of mythical creatures, religious sites and UFOs with this one.


Stream when you need to space out because honestly you want to know kung #SaanAkoLulugar in life.



13 Reasons Why

Life can get dark, but this show is darker. Follow the life of Hannah Baker, as told by the suicide tapes she made for those she left behind. Dig into the lives of teenagers and get to know their hormone-induced and pressure-filled worlds. There's a time and a place to express your feelings, but sometimes waiting gets in the way of living.


Stream when you're just feeling all sorts of damndamins.




The subject matter was a bit of a surprise for Archie fans, but Riverdale still captured the attention of thousands around the globe. The story follows Archie and the gang as they make their way through highschool amidst a surprising murder, local crime and some standard teenage hugots.


Perfect for those nights you want to get lost in drama that isn't your own.



Stranger Things

But if you favor something more supernatural, then Stranger Things is yours to devour. Check into Hawkins and get your glimpses of the Upside Down, as a group of friends band together to find their missing comrade. Be enamored by their friendship, courage and dedication.


Stream because the FOMO is real, especially when season 2 comes out later this year.




So don't let the gloomy weather or traffic jam dampen your mood. Get Netflix on your mobile phone and get ready to GoWATCH. Now playing everywhere.


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