5 Things You Need To Know About Sagada That Will Keep You Coming Back

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Our country may be known around the world as a place of breathtaking beaches and white sands, but our landscapes aren’t just flat with the occasional break in water. Our topography is filled with high mountains and beautiful peaks, too—of which Sagada is a picturesque example.



Kiltepan Peak

The highest point of the mountainous province is Kiltepan Peak. From there, you can see the rice terraces that were carved out by the Cordillera Tribe. It’s a wonderful view that gives you the perfect opportunity to appreciate just how man can mold nature in a way that will benefits both parties. Yes, it’s a stark contrast from the minimal green and brown we see peeking out of concrete sidewalks, but it’s a contrast that’s well worth the trip.



Kamowan Weaving and Souvenir Shop

For a more personal experience of Sagada’s fingerprint, make a stop at the Kamowan Weaving and Souvenir Shop. There is arguably no better place to immerse yourself in the aesthetic, design and identity of the area. The weaving practice, which is as complex and tough as it is beautiful, has been passed on from generation to generation and will continue to be passed on.


Seeing the work that goes into the local bags, clothing and accessories will give you an entirely new perspective on what we oftentimes haphazardly put on. It’s a painstaking process that requires patience, mastery and love for the craft. 



Cellar Door Bonfire

But there is more to Sagada than a colorful history; it’s brimming with modern stories that are waiting to be told. The Cellar Door Bonfire offers visitors a taste of local beer—which may not be the most traditional way of learning about a province, but a surprise once in a while is a good thing.


Taste decade-old traditions that are served up in trendy yet timeless methods. The local brewing scene is young, but you can bet that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 



Sagada Town

They say that the Philippines is one of the friendliest places in the world, that it’s filled with smiles and laughs and people who are willing to help. This is a fact that is especially true in Sagada. The locals are used to walking strangers who look around and ask for directions. But while this may annoy some of us, the people of Sagada are nothing but welcoming.


The aura they emit is relaxed and laid back. It’s a mood that will help you slow down, put things in perspective and reflect.



Marlboro Country

Sagada is mountainous—that isn’t a secret. But its highest peak, known as Marlboro Country, is the highest in the province. The hike is long, but the 360-degree view is more than worth it. Wake up early to catch the sunrise in a place that brings you as close to heaven as you can—without getting your feet off the ground.


Sit back and take the time to unwind, because no one goes to Sagada for a few whirlwind days only to leave when the sights are seen. Sagada is a place that offers so much, but you’ll want to do nothing in as well. Artists, tourists and adventure-seekers have all made the trip, seen the area and fallen in love. But what they leave with is a love that they want to keep nourishing. 




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