The 5 Trailers You Need To See From San Diego Comic Con


One word: Epic.


Over the weekend, the entertainment world celebrated San Diego Comic Con. And like the event tends to do, we were blown away by the surprises, releases and announcements. This year was a big one especially, because SDCC lifted the curtain on several upcoming series and movies that we have been keeping our eye on. And we were not disappointed – not in the slightest.


Thor: Ragnarok

We finally know a little more about Thor: Ragnarok and what is going to go down. We clearly have some comedic moments coming, but we’ll also see our fair share of action and drama. Thor will once again have to prove himself worthy to be the God of Thunder in order to save Asgard. The Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie are going to fight alongside him. But Cate Blanchett as Hela, the Goddess of Death? Thor better bring it.



Stranger Things (season 2)

The Upside Down is definitely making its way to Hawkins and it’s taking its toll on poor Will. Everyone is worried about him, but it looks as if they’re doubting him as well. Will the nightmare reveal itself to the rest of the town? We don’t know this yet, but we’re sure that October and Stranger Things season 2 cannot come soon enough.



Justice League

We’re going to say it: Justice League is going to be a monstrous movie. Diana Prince, Arthur Curry, Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne are teaming up together to defeat a villain we haven’t even really seen. They’re doubtful they can even finish the job, but leave it up to Wonder Woman to get their act together. And the big question is: Are we going to see the return of Superman?



Ready Player One

Almost as if straight from Ernest Cline’s 2011 sci-fi novel, Ready Player One is going to change the game of pop culture for a new generation. In 2044, the world is in distress and the only escape is Oasis – a digital realm that holds the key that can change protagonist Wade Watts’ life. We know director Steven Spielberg will do the book justice.




Netflix seems to have another winner in its hands with Bright, a film that follows the journey of Scott Ward and Nick Jakoby, who are a human and Orc cop respectively. They chance upon a mysterious creature one night that holds what might unlock a darkness that will change the face of the world as they know it.



Thank you, San Diego Comic Con!

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