6 Of Our Favorite John Lloyd Cruz Movies


From the rom-coms to the indie



In the world of Philippine cinema, audiences fall hard when they begin to love something—this is true for the films themselves, but it often extends to the actors and the love teams involved, too. And within the current generation of A-list actors, John Lloyd Cruz is at the top of his game.



One More Chance (2007)

For a lot of us, One More Chance marked the first time we really feasted our eyes on John Lloyd as a leading man. And with Bea Alonzo at his side, it set the stage for years to come.


One More Chance follows the story of Basha and Poy, two lovebirds that have been with each other through thick and thin. But as things continued to get more difficult, Basha decides that she needs time alone. What follows is a classic tale of moving on, being independent and growing up.


We’ll always remember: “Ako nalang. Ako nalang ulit.”




A Very Special Love (2008)

Like the true leading man he is, John Lloyd can get our hearts racing with almost any leading woman. In A Very Special Love, we learned just how well he worked with Sarah Geronimo.


In A Very Special Love, Laida begins to work for a magazine that is headed by her ultimate crush, Miggy. What follows is the harsh slap of reality that our ideal men never really end up as we imagined them—but that love can still find ways around that.


We’ll always remember: “Mahirap? Yan, mahirap?? Subukan mo kayang magmahal sa isang katulad mo nang malaman mo kung anong mahirap!”




In My Life (2009)

Sometimes love isn’t presented to us in the way that we expect it to. And it is in these instances that we’re forced to have a change of heart.


Shirley is a hard-headed woman that feels betrayed by her family in the Philippines. As an act of rebellion, she decides to go to New York to stay with her son, Mark. There, she must learn to accept and get along with his partner, Noel.


We’ll always remember: “Anak mo lang sya! Hndi mo sya pag-aari! Hindi sayo umiikot ang mundo nya at hindi ito matatapos pag wala ka na!”




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Miss You Like Crazy (2010)

When life deals us a hand, we often think that’s it and that things can’t possibly get any better. But just as we’re beginning to settle down, life throws us a curveball.


Allan Alvarez has his life set out before him. In love with his live-in partner, Daphne Recto, and with his career moves forward, all thing seem to be going well. But then enters Mia Samonte, who shows him everything that he’s been missing—from food and shopping to love and courage.


We’ll always remember: “You love me too much; I don’t deserve any of this.”




The Mistress (2012)

Love is a complicated mess; it’s never given in a carefully-wrapped package. And even when we think we know the game, it proves we can never really understand it.


JD meets Sari by chance and is quickly infatuated with her. And even when he finds out that Sari is his father’s mistress, he continues to pursue her on the pretense of hurting his father. What unravels is a story pulled together by passion and love and torn apart by reality.


We’ll always remember: “Alam mo kung ano ang kaya kong gawin na hindi kaya ng Mr. Thursday mo. Kaya kitang pakasalan. Sa akin, wala kang kahati.”




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Honor Thy Father (2015)

Sometimes it isn’t about love at all. It’s about survival.


Drowning in debt from their part in a Ponzi scheme, Edgar needs to do everything he can to keep his family alive and safe. And if that means doing the unthinkable, so be it.


We’ll always remember: “We’re just wasting time fighting.”





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