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For those of you hearing about math as a genre in music for the first time (us included!), you’ll be seeing a lot of it in this article and it’s real alright. Math or math rock is an indie style of music that emerged in the US in the late 80s. The Internet says it’s characterized by complex, atypical rhythms, irregular time signature and angular guitars or music, artfully undone. We list down the acts or bands that have caught our attention and opened up a whole new category in our otherwise pop-saturated playlists.


Fools & Foes

Genre: Indie/Folk/Post-rock/Math

The band: Isabelle Romualdez - vocals/bass

Miguel Querubin - vocals/guitar

Ralph Gonzalez - guitar

Gabba Santiago - drums



The Fools serve up indie rock with acoustic vibes and a country pace that makes you want to cozy up by the window, coffee in hand, and watch the day go by. With songs that bespeak of angst, a lot of feelings and unrequited love, the Fools speak directly to the heart.


Mickey Sulit

Genre: Acoustic/Indie/Pop



18-year-old Mickey is a Filipino singer-songwriter from Canberra, Australia whose voice echoes indie-pop and jazz influences, and sound that’s uniquely her own. Mickey’s smooth as butter covers are instant favorites but her originals are what really reeled us in.


Tom’s Story

Genre: Rock/Math-Rock/Post-Rock


Tom - Bass

Gabba - Guitar

Degs - Drums



For music that’s pure and unadulterated, the kind makes you think of long drives or lounge-y weekends (or conjure up flashbacks of your fondest memories), Tom’s Story is your guy (or guys). Their blissful and mellow tunes suit all kinds of moods and feelings, from when you need a little perking up to moments when you just need to get lost in your own thoughts.


Reese Lansangan


A true creative in all aspects of the word, Reese Lansangan lives up to all her artistic roles “rolled into one convenient sushi”—a sushi straight out of Jiro Dreams of Sushi most likely.


Reese’s inspirations come from anything and everything: her childhood, science, Asian iconography and pop culture with just the right amount of humor translated into art, music and writing. We also love that she can find humor in just about any situation, like the time she made a song after her laptop got stolen.


Thanks, laptop stealer.


Lola Amour

Genre: Indie OPM

Members: Pio Dumayas - Lead vocals

Martin Kim - Background vocals and keyboards

Raymond King - Background vocals and bassist

Mico Fernandez - Guitarist

Zoe Gonzales - Guitarist

Angelo Mesina - Trumpeteer

Joxx Perez - Saxophonist

Renzo Santos - Drummer



Lola Amour offers music that resonates with the young and hopeless romantics rendered in jazzy, acoustic style like no other. Swing and sway to the upbeat tunes of the brass-clad band of eight.


Banna Harbera

Genre: Soul/Funk

Members: Yzabel Torres - Vocals

Jake Masigan - Lead Guitar

Josh Planas - Bass

Patrick Felipe - Drums

Theo Blanch - Keys



Languid, laidback with a lot of soul, Banna Harbera churns out music that soothes the spirit. Theirs is the kind of dreamy melody that takes us into our own paradise or whisks us away to the balmy days of late summer. Le sigh.

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