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6 Movies You Need To See This October

 There’s still nothing like going out to the movies

In the age of streaming, which is now, many say the end of cinema and movies is near. And while it depends on who you’re talking to, we beg to differ. Nothing beats the experience of watching in the theater with complete strangers or your S.O., or the smell of freshly popped (not microwaveable) popcorn or cheesey, beefy nachos. Streaming is convenient, but it’s still kind of nice to go on movie dates with family, friends or that special guy or gal. So, here’s a short list of movies you may want to see outside the comfort of your own home.   

Blade Runner 2049

Dubbed 2017’s film of the year, Blade Runner is set many years after the first film and stars Ryan Gosling. Gosling is the new blade runner tasked to save society from chaos. But first, he has to find Harrison Ford’s Deckard, a former blade runner who’s been missing for three decades.

The Snowman

A dark and twisted thriller, The Snowman is out for a timely release this October. The movie follows Detective Harry Hole’s investigation of a young woman’s murder and a series of other murders by The Snowman Killer. Hole eventually teams up with brilliant recruit in hopes of catching the elusive madman. But will they catch him before he can strike again?


When satellites designed to protect earth from climate change starts attacking it, Gerard Butler and his team are sent out to stop a worldwide geostorm that threatens to wipe out everything and everyone in its path. Will earth survive?

Thor Ragnarok

You’ve seen the trailer earlier this year and waited in anticipation. This month, one of our favorite Avengers, Thor returns in the mother of all star-studded crossovers Thor Ragnarok. Our hero finds himself stranded on a distant planet and up against a fellow Avenger—The Hulk. At last, Marvel fans finally get to see Planet Hulk!

The Foreigner

Quan is a humble London businessman with a dark past. But when his teenage daughter dies in a senseless act of terrorism, Quan goes on a revenge-fueled vendetta to find the terrorists responsible. His search leads to further conflict, this time with a British Government official who may hold clues to the killers’ identities.

Loving Vincent

The critically acclaimed animated Vincent van Gogh biopic is coming to local shores and will be the opening film at QCinema 2017. Loving Vincent is the first fully painted feature film and took 100 van Gogh-trained painters and 56,000 oil paintings to complete. It also features the artist’s most famous works and 800 letters written by van Gogh himself.

QCinema International Film Festival 2017 runs from October 19 to 28 in Gateway, Robinsons Galleria, TriNoma, UP Town Center and Cinematheque Center Manila and will feature local and foreign films.

So how about that movie date? It’s a nice way unwind and wait out rush hour traffic.

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