Can't Fall Asleep? These 6 Songs Will Help You Hit The Zs

They might give you sweet dreams, too!


Do you remember how our moms used to gently stroke our heads, sweetly saying “Meme na” when we were young? Unfortunately as we grow older, we’re pretty much left on our own to overcome restlessness or insomnia. But, young or old, there's no doubt music can ease us into a sweet and restful slumber. And there are plenty of tunes to choose from. Here are six songs to add to your sleep playlist, just in case they’re not there yet:


Stop This Train by John Mayer


Opening with feathery strumming, Stop This Train sets a serene stage for dreaming. Mayer’s voice has some lightness to it, especially as he sings the high notes. He restrains himself from belting it out, which results in the comforting quiver in his voice. With lyrics that ruminate on age and changes in life, this is definitely one of the sentimental songs that make Continuum a gem.


Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer


Hot-blooded and tranquil, Mondo Bongo will rock you to sleep with a little flare owing to the sonorous Spanish guitar, the swirling hum of the violin and the accordion, and the droning percussion. Strummer’s la-la-la’s recall how we were once cradled to sleep, making the song all the more apt to fall asleep to.


Trivia: Mondo Bongo is a hallmark of the late Brangelina, who took to the floor for the dramatic dance scene in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


Gravity by The Whitest Boy Alive


The upbeat, somehow jumpy, groove complements its quirky lyrics, like “How long can a cool cat keep its calm?” And the cool-cat-listener thinks, “Very long”—because the song’s calmness will soon put you to sleep. Despite singer Erlend Øye’s angry lyrics, his voice is quite muted and is at an ultimate chill.


Renegade by Kings of Convenience

The lead guitar’s downward notes against the soft, distant strumming create an air of melancholy. And as Erlend Øye croons, “A guillotine, a pillow with feathers like snow,” and other dark and dreamy lines, you’re bound to have strange, vivid images in your sleep.


Aguas de Marco by Elis Regina


Elis Regina’s Aguas de Marco is a chirpy song and a bossa nova classic that’s much calmer than Antonio Carlos Jobim’s more famous version. It sets the stage for happy dreams as you imagine lazing under the Brazilian sun on Brazilian shores. You’ll be swept away by Regina’s voice and how she sings to make Portuguese sound creamy—delicious.


Belle by Jack Johnson


Short and simple like its title, Belle begins with only the strings. Then in slinks the accordion with barely audible twinkles. Its lyrics are quick and quirky: Johnson speaks to a lady in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French. Finally he tells Belle in English they have to figure out some other way to speak. How charming!

Words Lala Singian

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