7 Best Bruno Mars Music Videos Ever

Because his music videos are the stuff of Magic 

Bruno Mars has had the world under his spell since his breakout hit Just The Way You Are. His was the kind of music you’ll want to get lazy to on a hot day or cry to when your heart breaks cause your love won’t do the same. But it wasn’t until 2013 that we realized, OMG Bruno Mars can do so much more than that. The singer-songwriter has the power to modernize throwback sounds (see: Uptown Funk) said Rolling Stone. In fact, he’s so good at it that his album 24K Magic, which has similar old school vibes, has been on repeat on the world’s playlist since it came out. And since the artist is soo good at making the past cool again, here’s a throwback to his best music videos ever.

It Will Rain

“Leave some morphine at my door,” is right. Part of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn OST, It Will Rain is one of the most heartbreaking songs to hit the airwaves. And the music video? Fuss-free, simple and so relatable. 

When I Was Your Man

Arguably, When I Was Your Man is one of Bruno Mars most powerful and yes, heartbreaking, piano ballads. Meanwhile, there’s something so compelling about the music video that you just can’t take your eyes off a mournful-looking Bruno Mars.

Uptown Funk

From romantic ballads to Unorthodox Jukebox sounds, there’s no doubt Bruno Mars is a power-player in music. His Uptown Funk collab with Mark Ronson was a nod in the right direction. And come on, that pink 70’s lewk on Mars and his funky-ass moves? Fresh as you know what. 


Mars brings back disco in Treasure. The result was pure pop and soul, pleasantly trippy and downright fun. 

Just The Way You Are

Throwing waaay back to the world’s first introduction to Bruno Mars amazingness. Just The Way You Are hit Number One and won the artist a Grammy. Plus, everything about that music video was too cute and sexy.


Grenade is among Mars’ raw emotional ballads that have struck a chord in everyone. Come on, unrequited love? We’re no strangers to that. The song not only showcased the artist’s amazing voice, but his natural acting chops in the music video, too.

That’s What I Like

 “Strawberry champagne all night,” yaas please. From his critically-acclaimed 24K Magic album comes That’s What I Like—easy, lounge-y and ridiculously catchy. And the music video? Bruno Mars showing his got mad skills on the dance floor.

24K Magic

Bruno Mars music and artistic tastes continue to evolve. And the entire 24K Magic album can attest that he's hitting the all the right notes. Now press play and let Bruno Mars show you how to have fun.

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