8 Life Lessons from John Lloyd and Bea's Films

Our hearts take on quite a pounding on a regular basis, but we do heal

1. My First Romance (2003)

Makapangyarihan ang puso. Napakaliit na bahagi ng katawan ng tao, pero walang hanggan at walang sukatan ang kakayahan nito magmahal.”—Lola Lourdes, played by Liza Lorena

Lesson Learned: The heart that we always talk about is not physically a part of our body. We can't even touch it. But boy, is it powerful. That is what John Lloyd and Bea's first film together has taught us. Our hearts can make us do so much, even with so little. Sometimes, even with nothing at all.

2. Now That I Have You (2004)

Wala kasing fairy godmother. 'Yun ang pinakaimportante. Walang fairy godmother na kung ano ang winish mo, magiging ganoon siya.”—Stefi, played by Nikki Valdez

Lesson Learned: We all have our own sets of dreams and aspirations, like that cute boy you've been eyeing, that dream job you've been waiting for. Sometimes, when we're really lucky, we get just what we wish for. Be careful, though. Wishes don't come in boxes, tailor-made exactly the way you've always imagined them to be. There will always be a flaw in that something—or someone—you've been pining for. Yes, even if that someone is John Lloyd Cruz. Rather than dwell on what these gifts we have lack, look past it and be grateful instead.

3. Close To You (2006)

Kasi siguro sobra na tayong sanay na sa lahat ng bagay sa buhay, tayong dalawa lang magkasama. Kaya siguro nahihirapan ang ibang tao na makapasok sa buhay natin. Baka kaya nahihirapan din tayo.”—Manuel Soriano, played by John Lloyd Cruz

Lesson Learned: We've all been there. We all have constants in our life that we hold on to very dearly. These are good. But not all the time. Take Manuel and Marian, for example. They have been best friends their whole lives and their dependence on one another has made it hard for them to let change in. Be open because we all need it to grow.

4. All About Love (2006)

Ang puso, matibay. Nasasaktan man 'yan, gumagaling din, bumabawi.”—Anna’s mother, played by Gina Alajar

Lesson Learned: We all get battered and bruised. Just look at Eric and Lia in this film. Our hearts take on quite a pounding on a regular basis. And yet, it heals and recovers time and time again—we heal. What we must get from knowing this fact is the courage to face our fear of getting hurt because we will get hurt. Sometimes, when we least expect it. But as time has proven, things will get better, ourselves included.

5. One More Chance (2007)

It takes grownups to make relationships work.”—Mark, played by Derek Ramsay

Lesson Learned: This applies to anyone who has ever been in a relationship, whether it may be a romantic or platonic one. We have to have a certain level of maturity in order to understand the needs of our loved ones and for them to understand us back as well. Otherwise we'd only be thinking of ourselves. That was something that Popoy and Basha did not have towards the end of their relationship—and we all know how everything turned out for them because of it.

6. Miss You Like Crazy (2010)

Love is not the only reason why you choose to leave someone or stay with them.”—Nick, played by Ryan Eigenmann

Lesson Learned: Like Mia, we are all idealists at heart. We like to believe that love makes the world go round. However, do we stay in a relationship just because we love the other person? Do we suffer through the week (or through several months) just because we love our jobs? We don't live in a world like that; and our misfortunes and their varying gravities get in the way. Any grown-up would know there are other things in life to consider apart from what or who it is we love.

7. The Mistress (2012)

Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.”—JD Torres, played by John Lloyd Cruz

Lesson Learned: This is an old saying, but still very true. It works both ways. JD wanted Sari and so he found ways to get her. Sari, on the other hand, didn't want to end her relationship with JD's father. And so, she found reasons to continue their affair. Ultimately, it was time that told how their story would end. JD could not force Sari to end her relationship with his father at a time she didn't want to.

8. A Second Chance (2015)

“I have the right to the truth, no matter how ugly, no matter how painful.”—Basha Gonzales, played by Bea Alonzo

Lesson Learned: Just when we thought One More Chance and all the films John Lloyd and Bea have supplied us with hit us hard, they threw A Second Chance at us. It is, indeed, our right to know the truth, no matter how bad that truth is or how hard it will hurt us. What good has ever come from keeping secrets? Especially secrets as heavy as what Popoy bore in this film. If you're having problems, you will keep on having to deal with them alone until you ask someone for help. We know it's hard to swallow your pride and admit you don't have it all under control, but it's even harder to go through difficult times all by yourself.

Words Fe Esperanza Trampe

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