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8 Local Artist You Should Listen To

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Local indie artists are making a mark in the music industry through their unique takes on music. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier for us to discover and listen to new artists.

These indie musicians have come a long way—from playing in small pubs to releasing their albums, performing on live television and even selling out major concerts. So whether you’re already deep inside or just learning to explore the indie side of things, here are some artists you should definitely give a listen to. 

Jess Connelly

Jess Connelly started letting the world know she could sing by uploading her songs on SoundCloud. After some time, she released her first EP, How I Love, which landed her a spot on Spotify’s Artists To Watch Out For In 2017. 

You can listen to her Jess’ new song, Call Me, on Spotify and see her numerous gigs around the Metro, as well as catch her on MTV Fuels


CRWN, whose real name is King Puentespina, is a Manila-based musician, producer and composer. 

CRWN disappeared from the music scene for two months to focus on his next album and came back with a beat tape album titled Orchid. According to the artist, the album was a fresh beginning for him, which is why he named it after the first business his family had ever established. 

You can find his latest tracks on Spotify and see him live in various clubs across the Metro. 

Clara Benin

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Clara Benin was the one who sang McDonald’s jingle, Hooray for Today, back in 2014. Now she’s known most for her smooth and laidback music. In 2015, she worked with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, where she was given a chance to promote her album Human Eyes. Afterwards, she performed in her sold-out concert Coming Come: A Clara Benin Concert in Teatrino, Greenhills on June 29 to 30, 2016. 

She then took a break from the limelight to pursue her other interests. However, after a year and a half on hiatus, she released a single called Parallel Universe, which talks about two star-crossed lovers. So if you’re going through a breakup or just curious about her latest masterpiece, you can check out her playlist on Spotify. 

Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan is a woman of many hats. This 27-year-old multi-awarded singer-songwriter, graphic designer, musician, fashion designer, vlogger and published author has been making rounds in the local music scene since her debut. 

Because of her unique approach to music, Reese has been able to work with various artist and bands, including Franco during Coke Sessions and other well-known brands such as Globe Telecom and Spotify. One of her most popular collaborations was when she sang Off of Center with Franco for Coke Studio PH. 

BP Valenzuela

Twenty-three-year-old singer BP Valenzuela is popular for her creative mix of indie, indie electro and synthpop. Over the run of her career, BP has performed in many music festivals, such as the 2015 Wanderland and Arts Festival, the 2016 GoodVybes Festival and the 2016 Bandwagon Riverboat Festival.

You can check out her album Neon Hour, which hosts the track Steady—also found in the soundtrack of indie movie Sleepless. There’s yet to be an update about when her next album, Cyberdance, will be released. 


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Autotelic is an indie alternative rock band formed back in 2012. Some of their popular tracks include MisteryosoGisingLaro and Languyin—all of which are found in their album Papunta Pabalik.The band’s song Laro even won them the Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artist at the 30thAwit Awards in 2017.

You can listen to these hit singles on various streaming website such as YouTube and Spotify. 

Oh, Flamingo!

This local indie rock band from Manila was formed in 2013. Over the years, the band has produced many popular singles such as Two FeetInconsistencies and June.

In an interview with Myx Philippines, Oh, Flamingo! talked about the meaning and the inspiration behind their hit songs. According to the band, June was about the feeling of being completely infatuated with someone, while She Feels is about miscommunication between two people. 

The Ransom Collective

Having musical influences such as the Lumineers and Local Natives, The Ransom Collective was inspired to create their now popular songs FoolsSettles and Open Road. You’ll find most of their hit tracks on their Traces album. 

You can also listen to some of the songs where they collaborated with artists such as Wonderfilled featuring Yuna and GAC for Oreo Asia and Caution To The Wind with Gabby Alipe and John Dinopol of Urbandub. 

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With indie music becoming one of the most popular genres in the country, many local artists are now being given the chance to share their music. And because the music is so easily shared, you just need to shop for the perfect data plan that allows you to stream music for as long as you wish. 

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