8 OPM Songs to Match this Rainy Day and Monday #Senti Mood

Original Pilipino Music (OPM) knows just how to strike a chord within you. The best OPM love songs are the ones that not only reel you in with a catchy tune, but also serve up the right amount of mush. After all, connecting with cheesy songs is just inherently imprinted in every Filipino’s DNA code. Listen to these 8 OPM tracks if (and when) your feel like commiserating with the rainy days.


True Faith


Song: Paano Ka Magiging Akin


Senti-epek: Remember your very first love and all the pining that took place? Whether it currently applies to you or not, listening to this track will instantly make you feel like a one of Cupid’s victims—bringing you back just the way you were in high school.




Song: Dalawang Letra


Senti-epek: This playful pop song puts a fun spin on love’s waiting game and all the trappings that come with it.


Silent Sanctuary


Song: Pasensya Ka Na


Senti-epek: Sometimes, choosing to stay away from the love of your life is just what’s best for the heart. 




Song: How Can I


Senti-epek: You might recognize this soulful beat playing during the steamy love scene of Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz in the Pinoy rom-com blockbuster Always Be My Maybe. Well, you know what to do with this one.




Song: Himala


Senti-epek: This rendition of the Rivermaya classic has that natural charm to put into a contemplating disposition. It’s easy to go all philosophical with this in the background. 




Song: On the Wings of Love (Theme from “On The Wings of Love”)


Senti-epek: Yes, this is as cheesy as can get. But soon as you put this on, you commit fully to the words and belt out with all your heart like no one’s looking. 




Song: Isang Araw


Senti-epek: Second chances can toy with your emotions when getting over a past flame. This song helps you deal with regret that comes with it. Nobody said moving on was an easy process. 


Sarah Geronimo, Yeng Constantino


Song: Kaibigan Mo


Senti-epek: We all have that one buddy in our life that has our back no matter what.  Consider this an anthem to celebrate the solid bond you and your best mate share.

Words by: Lamar Roque

How does this make you feel?