8 Ways to Binge-Watch Like a Pro

Upgrading your broadband plan to the fastest speed possible is one way to binge-watch like a pro!



There’s no greater way to spend your day off from school or work than by binge-watching your favorite TV series. So, take your much-needed break and treat yo self to a hassle-free watching experience.


However, know that binge-watching isn’t meant for the weak. To survive that ten-season-long series, you’ve got to work your way and push through until the end. No time for spoilers because you’re the only one allowed to spoil yourself with these pro tips that take binge-watching to another level.


1. Commit

Make this day a no-plan, zero-schedule day. Treat a binge-watching experience as an escape from the real world, so no time for last-minute work concerns.


Do all your errands ahead of time before you totally zone out. Free your mind from any distractions so that you can fully commit to what you’re watching and nothing more.


2. Prepare your turf

An extremely comfortable watching experience wouldn’t be complete unless you get your turf prepped up for the next couple of hours. However, deciding where to lay all day is going to be difficult. If you lay in bed, you might fall asleep. If you sit at the table, your lower body could feel numb.


Whatever it is, the real challenge is to make your turf the comfiest and fluffiest area where you can snuggle in as you go through your series.


3. Stack everything you need

Make sure that everything you need is within reach—food, drinks, blanket and tissue (use in case of a drama series). You wouldn’t want to miss out on any intense scenes or even bother to pause what you’re watching just to get food or tissue to wipe your tears.


Don’t let all your emotions and the whole momentum slip away because of little distractions that you could’ve prepared before starting the marathon.


4. Choose wisely

With a lot of series made available on streaming sites like HOOQ, it's hard to decide what to watch first or after an amazing first choice.


Knowing that you’ll be watching a few episodes (or maybe seasons) in one sitting, you'd better choose something soo good, you wouldn’t want to leave the house for days. Also take into consideration the emotional ride you might have to go through; can you handle watching a series that might break your heart into tiny little pieces or woulf you rather laugh out loud for days?


5. Make your marathon less counterproductive

You can't tell how long it will take you to finish a few episodes of the series you’re about to watch, but it would definitely take up a couple of hours of your time, sometimes days if the series is that good.


Take this time to do something that wouldn’t interfere with your marathon, like eating or doing light workouts, you know, to get more energy to finish a whole season in one sitting.


6. Pre-load episodes!

Pre-load the episodes one tab at a time while simultaneously watching the previous episode to reduce waiting time. And yay to no buffering!


7. Don’t let your turtle net connection stop you.

Above all else, make sure that your internet connection is stable and supports your marathon. Better to watch when you're home along, so no one else takes up the internet bandwidth but yourself.


However, it’s better to upgrade your broadband plan to the fastest speed possible and maximize all the perks that come with it (like free access to cool content!) to enjoy every bit of your marathon.


8. Finish strong.

Think about it: would you choose to finish up all the episodes in one sitting with #NoSleep and #NoDoubts or reserve other episodes for more sessions for the rest of the week and sleep instead?


It’s about choosing your battles. Sleeping in the whole day tomorrow can be fun, but being productive (again, totally relative) is fun-ner. Choose the option that won't disappoint you the next day. #NoRegrets right?

Alex Lara

is a creative that loves to tell stories through art direction and curating images that capture, inspire and excite whoever sees them.

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