8 YouTube Videos That Made Us Feel Better in 2016

2016 was tough but we still had a couple of laughs and feel-good moments, thanks to these videos



1 Justin Bieber’s Sorry Music Video


Okay, so this was released late 2015 but was on everybody’s playlist for more than half of 2016. And come on, the Biebs got us dancing like them girls in his music video #sorrynotsorry


2 Mannequin Challenge


This has to be one of the most entertaining and impressive challenges ever! We’ve seen so many good ones, but Gravity DXB Calisthenics Gym's version was on another level. That guy at 0:08 has some serious arm, core, everything skills


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3 Running Man Challenge


INOJ + some major 90s vibes. We were all doing the Running Man challenge—even these sports stars


4 Pen Apple Pineapple Pen


While it didn’t make a lot of sense, it really didn’t need to. It was just what we needed to make us forget our woes for at least a minute. Play at your own risk; PPAP might get stuck in your head. Again


5 E-Sports is a Serious Sport


Because one team’s triumph is the triumph of all e-sports teams and players. 2016 was a big year for e-sports and we only see it getting bigger this 2017


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6 Bottle Flip Challenge


That time flipping bottles became a serious sport


7 Fifth Harmony's Work From Home


Because traffic. We all wished we could work from home in 2016. We still do, unless traffic gets better this year #changeiscoming #butwhen


8 YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge


This YouTube rewind perfectly sums up all the fun things we want to remember when we look back on 2016. See, this year wasn’t all that bad, right?

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