A Christmas Carol: A Dazzling Holiday Spectacle Going Strong On Its Sophomore Year

Catching the onstage musical is fast becoming a new family tradition among Filipinos

With a tale revisited so many times over, some might wonder: What makes the live musical version of A Christmas Carol so different? Going out to see the production this season will do more than provide audiences an answer; the retelling by Globe LIVE and 9Works Theatricals allows them to live out the answer.


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A Christmas Carol begins with a look into a 19th century London Town, the setting of the Charles Dickens classic. Although dark, gray and not free from strife that life brings, the townspeople are sunshiney and hopeful. This is where the experience of a mere spectator transforms: The story, as it unfolds, becomes a journey the audience eventually becomes a part of.

This is also what industry veteran Miguel Faustmann flawlessly achieves as the bitter old miser Ebenezer Scrooge. Theatergoers are first stunned by the cruel man’s ways. They scrutinize. They cannot believe that such a wretched person could exist. How on earth is this heavy, dark storyline appropriate for the holidays?

The timeless themes and unwavering family values that set things in motion for Scrooge are soon revealed in the course of the production. And, as if doing a 180, audiences are left struck upon this realization: to scrutinize, rather than to try and understand, is a mistake we all commit. “How could this be?” one might ask down the line. “How is it that I see a part of myself in Ebenezer Scrooge?!”

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As the ghost of Scrooge’s former business partner Jacob Marley walks him through his life (the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come, shaking him to face his history, his reality and his future), audiences embark on an emotional rollercoaster ride. With every layer of Scrooge’s character peeled back, heartstrings are pulled. But this doesn’t leave audiences too occupied to do some self-introspection (although it really is easy to be blown away by the stellar performances of Franco Laurel as the Ghost of Christmas Past and Noel Rayos as Jacob Marley and Mr. Fezziwig among others).

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A spectacle for all ages, A Christmas Carol reminds us what this holiday truly is about. As the show wraps with thunderous applause, audiences leave with a heart full of hope, a weight lifted off their shoulders and a personal undertaking to keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Now with just five show runs left to go, A Christmas Carol is deemed, early on, a commercial success.

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