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6 Albums We Can’t Wait to Stream on Spotify: June 2021 - go!

6 Albums We Can’t Wait to Stream: June 2021

New Japanese Breakfast, Imagine Dragons, Cautious Clay and more coming your way

We’re still riding the SOUR high, but we’ll admit we’re happy to see that June so far has kept the momentum going. In the first week alone, we’ve tuned into Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee, Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend, Imagine Dragons’ Follow You (Summer ‘21 Version) and Boy Pablo’s Wachito’s Self-Care Tape. A perfect mix of the genres to keep us company—to add to these starter tracks, too—as the rest of the month rolls in.

What else is there to look forward to in June? Ahead, we round up the albums slated to come out this month that you should definitely tune into.

"Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land" by MARINA

Life after Love + Fear: MARINA (formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds) returns on June 11 with her fifth studio album, Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land. The lead single with the same name, released in late May, already hints at a departure from her previous sound. Of course, we’ll be listening in to check out this new MARINA era.

"Culture III" by Migos

Under the label Quality Control Music, the trio reunites after a three-year hiatus for Culture III. “We’re switching it up,” Offset told Billboard, hinting at what’s next after popularizing trap style in pop music. “We got creative with our flows, so we could stamp another [movement]. We feel like [we’re going to] lead the pack with this album.”

‘Culture III’ drops June 11.

"Troubled Paradise" by Slayyyter

In very exciting news for the electro pop-loving crowd, Slayyyter marks a milestone as she readies to release her debut studio album. Following her warmly-received singles like Mine and Daddy AF, the American artist is slated to release 12 all-new tracks on June 11. 

"I Know I’m Funny haha" by Faye Webster

The title track I Know I’m Funny haha, if anything, takes us back to cool summer sunsets and conjures up longing for the mellow, summer road trips not taken. It’s a great indication of what’s to come in Faye Webster’s upcoming album, but fans can look forward to the Cheers singer’s nods to pop rock here, too. 

Stream ‘I Know I’m Funny haha’ starting June 25.

"CINEMA" by by The Marías

Another debut album makes its way on streaming this month. As the name suggests, The Maria’s forthcoming album is a dreamy, cinematic release that takes the haunting vocals of lead singer María Zardoya to new heights. “If it wasn't for the world of film and TV, The Marías wouldn’t exist,” the band told Flaunt Magazine. “We were born out of writing songs for film and TV pictures. I think like early on, we wrote songs with a visual element in our mind. As I think we've carried that throughout the rest of the music and also the videos as well.”

‘CINEMA’ comes out June 25.

"Deadpan Love" by Cautious Clay

Cold War and Joshua Tree singer Cautious Clay has teamed up with music label The Orchard on this debut LP. According to the 28-year-old musician, fans can expect a body of work that centers on love and relationships, seen through his perspective. “It was originally called Karma and Friends, actually. But I changed it to Deadpan Love because it was more holistic in how I operate as a person in my life,” he told Under the Radar. “I feel like I have an external witty side that I use as a protection mechanism for my soul, which I feel like is very earnest and empathetic and caring. So, it’s like the two sides of the same coin. Deadpan Love is how I define my identity and how it manifests.”

Stream ‘Deadpan Love’ when it hits music platforms on June 25.

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