Amazing Talents You Didn’t Know The Stranger Things Cast Has

Yes, they can act. But bet you didn’t know they could do this

It’s not rocket science. Stranger Things is a super addicting, must-watch Netflix series whether you’re a sci-fi geek or a regular human being. From the plot that revolves around different dimensions within dimensions to the eerie-cool soundtrack and young’un(s) with telekinesis, Strangers is one of the best new series out there that we don’t mind staying up late for or holing up with for days…And this wouldn’t have been so if it weren’t for things like the show’s amazing and distinctly adorable cast. We stalk them on the web and find out other real talents they have, aside from you know, their serious acting chops.


If you’re fan of Millie a.k.a Eleven, then you already know she’s hardcore and can rap like Nicki Minaj. But did you know she can sing, too? Forward to 1:01.

She can do Amy Winehouse, too!

And was singing way before Strangers happened.


This boy has some serious moves up his sleeve. Video won’t play? Click here.

Caleb in the New Edition Mini Series, singing and dancing? Yas please.


Gaten almost sounds like Sam Smith but better. And what, his sister can sing, too? 

He did Broadway pre-Strangers. We couldn’t find a decent video of Gaten singing in Les Mis, but here he takes audiences behind-the-scenes of the production.


Guess who played Charlie Brown in the Peanuts movie last year? Noah a.k.a Will!

Only because Noah doing pushups is adorable. Or this could be a foreshadowing of his future as a professional hunk. Can’t see the video? Click here.


Secret, cool handshakes. That requires serious skill, too. See it here.  

But seriously, Finn is quite the musician. Check out his wake and jam improv here.

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