Anjo Damiles and Chino Roque Are More Than Just #FitnessGoals

In the spotlight are two of the stars from Scenezoned’s fabulous second season

In this episode of Scenezoned 2, witness breathtaking scenes in the Philippines through the lens of two adventure-loving, thrill-seeking fellas. This time, athlete-turned-businessman Chino Roque and fitness buff and actor Anjo Damiles take on the Guimaras leg of the season two, and they know just what to do to kick your wanderlust into overdrive.

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Scenezoned allows you to revel in the beauty of Guimaras and familiarize yourself with local life and color, the sights and sounds, as well as get to know the fine gentlemen fulfilling their fitness goals as they make their way in, out and through the island.

Anjo and Chino are living, breathing proof that to get to your goals, discipline is essential.

For one, they practice what they preach. We all have the same number of hours in the day, but these guys know that success has a lot to do with how you use those hours. More than deciding to commit to 101% when it’s go time, there’s deciding to commit to consistency…even if it means waking up two, three or four hours earlier than usual.

They also understand that great things take time.

For Anjo and Chino, things that are worth having are worth the wait—and the slow climb. Road bumps along the way are nothing but opportunities to sharpen and better their skills; the point is to keep going whether or not there are people watching. As an actor and commercial model, Anjo hardly ever gets breaks from the public eye, but this never distracts him from his personal, career and fitness goals.

Chino is also no stranger to sprints of rigorous training. He made headlines in 2013 for emerging victorious at the Axe Apollo Space Academy global competition, going down in history as the first Pinoy to be sent to outer space.

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Another admirable thing about these gents is their impeccable work ethic.

Having been working in the entertainment industry since he was just eight years old, Anjo knows a good work ethic speaks volumes.

As for Chino, he knows to attribute his successes to those who helped him achieve them. Even individual fitness goals entail some forms of teamwork!

When they travel, they don’t do it for the ‘Gram

Feed goals are great, but they aren’t all that. And if your primary motivation for seeing the world is to update your mega curated feed, then you aren’t doing it right. If Anjo and Chino travel, they do it with a purpose. See them in action and watch the full episode of Scenezoned below:

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