A$ap Rocky And His New Futuristic Sound

Pretty Flacko is changing things up yet again

The A$ap Mob has had a busy year and it looks as if A$ap Rocky is not going to let the year end without his own chart-topping release. The 28-year-old has been busy mixing things up in the studio to create a sound that he himself has deemed “futuristic.”

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Keeping his eye on the prize

“I’ve been in the studio,” he told The London Evening Standard. “Just that. Nothing else. Don’t even leave.”

He told the publication that his upcoming album “sounds futuristic,” but wouldn’t say if it would be as big a leap from his second album as At. Long Las. A$AP. was from Live. Love. A$AP. “I’ll let you be the judge,” he teased.

It’s all about a constant evolution

“This new album is basically like all my albums: Evolved,” he hinted. “I’m back, like I never left.”

It’s hard to tell what A$ap Rocky has in store for us, but a quick glimpse of one of the songs has been making the rounds.

The track, which features Swoosh God and is suspected to be titled Wok, is arguably more subdued than his previous work. Nevertheless, it’s the same lyrical honesty and no-holds-barred style that we’ve come to expect from the musician.

“New Prada bad/ Brown butterscotch/ They don’t know Flacko/ I’m gripping the wop/ I do what I want,” he spits out. The flow is reminiscent of his Playboi Carti’s D.R.A.M, which makes sense as the rapper is reportedly featured in the final version of the track. Meanwhile, Metro Boomin is rumored to have produced it. 

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How long we have to wait

A$ap Rocky’s third studio album will be making its way to the market sometime later this year. But as that unknown date comes closer and closer, we are bound to get a clearer picture of how Flacko sees the future.

Either way, we can hardly wait to see what he drops. 2017 has been full of features—from D.R.A.M.’s Giligan, Mary J Blige’s Love Yourself (Remix) and Lana Del Rey’s Groupie Love—and a spotlight on A$ap Rocky is definitely due.

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