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Why The Beauty Of Coron, Palawan Will Never Go Out Of Style | go! | Globe

Why The Beauty Of Coron, Palawan Will Never Go Out Of Style

We’re ready to keep visiting this place over and over and over again

Some people say that you should be varied in your travels. See one city one year and then another the next. But when we find someplace special to us, it gets more and more difficult to choose a different option, no matter how grand they seem. And when that place is as beautiful as Coron, we totally understand why.

The history

There are wide spaces of Coron that are virtually untouched by modernity. So much so that you can visit areas that hold very heavy historical stories. On her latest trip to Palawan, vlogger Haley Dasovich dove deep under water to see a sunken ship. And while the ship may not be as grand as it once likely was, it now holds a different kind of charm.

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The greenery

The green in Coron hasn’t been broken by tall buildings and international franchises. There are untouched islands that are ours to draw inspiration, calm and relaxation from. It is always so tempting to get lost in the forests, breathe in the salty air and just let the day pass.

The clear waters

Beaches all over the world are judged by how clear their waters are—and Coron passes with flying colors every time. The water is oftentimes still and so clear you can see everything that lies underneath, which is as satisfying as it is humbling. 

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The sights

We have no problem spending hours upon hours traipsing about the greenery and waters of Coron, but it’s breathtaking to take it all in with a bird’s eye view as well. Sitting atop Mt. Tapyas gives us a sense of serenity that not even the salt air can give us.

The people

While the rest of the world hustles and bustles from the morning until late at night, the locals in Palawan know that life is best lived when we don’t have to keep catching our breath. Their lives are simple and their wants are minimal. The Tagbanua Tribe in particular has been very successful in keeping Coron just the way it is: An oasis away from the city that lets us breathe, relax and recharge. And that's exactly why we'll never get tired of its beauty. 

Stay tuned for more of Haley’s trip to Palawan for Scenezoned season 2.

Photos by Joseph Pascual

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