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What’s It Like to Play Charades with Bela Padilla? | go! | Globe

What’s It Like to Play Charades with Bela Padilla?

We found out on the latest episode of The Pool Show

We know by now that The Pool Show is bound to be an assault on the senses. There’s yelling here and laughing there—and oh, where did all those props and weird costumes come from? Right off the bat, the online show proved that it’s a hotspot for all sorts of crazy and the second episode, which aired on July 31st was no exception.

The hosts were candid, the segments kept things fresh and the extensive guest list (which consisted of actor JC Santos, vlogger Janina Vela, the Perea Street Boys and OPM artists Gab Alipe, Quest and Josh Villena from Elements Music Camp) was game for anything thrown their way, but we admit we’re still thinking about main gal Bela Padilla’s funny moments during S.O.S, otherwise known as that hilarious OPM-centric charades game that had all the viewers’ sides splitting. Chances are, you’ve never seen Bela Padilla quite like this.

Up ahead, we take you through some of Bela’s funniest moments from last week’s S.O.S segment. Consider yourself warned: there’s some pretty wild content ahead.

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When she went from 0 to 100

Here’s a little context (because if you missed the episode, you’re gonna need it): Bela’s team, made up of her, Suzy and guest JC Santos, faced off against Aaron, Donny and guest Janina Vela. To set the game in motion, Bela and Donny faced off in a good ol’ game of rock, paper, scissors, which ultimately pushed Bela to be the first to act out the name of a local band. She started off a little shy, but after seeing how easy her task would be? She turned diabolical.

When she attacked the competitor

I mean, we all get a little competitive sometimes, right?

When she came up with a not-so-secret strategy

Ain’t no secrecy here. Call it desperation or sheer determination, but by the time the tie-breaker round rolled around, it was clear Bela was in it to win it.

When she (almost) resigned

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, literally. Bela proved just that when her team lost to Aaron, Donny and Janina after a minute-long tie-breaker. Come on now, we ought to understand where she’s coming from: she was in the zone the entire time! Thankfully, The Pool Show’s main host is staying on board, victorious or otherwise.

When she victory danced (and refused to stop)

We’ll tell it to you straight: before Bela, Suzy and JC lost the competition, they clocked in their fair share of points. The best way to celebrate? Victory dancing, of course. Lots of it.

Think you can handle seeing Bela Padilla get all-out competitive? Dive in for the full experience by watching the full S.O.S segment from the second episode of The Pool Show below.

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