Ben 10 Features Our Beloved Balut

And other tasty “weird things”

For better or for worse, one of our most popular—or infamous—street food items is balut. You and I might not think eating duck embryo from the shell is weird, but there’s an entire world out there that does. But for one reason or another, more and more people are getting curious enough to try it.

In Episode 124 of Ben 10, balut will make its debut into the world of Ben and Gwen Tennyson. Uncle Max takes them to a fair, where the cousin duo enter a contest between themselves of who can eat the weirdest and yummiest thing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Gwen takes the lead with a thousand year old egg.

Then Ben comes on strong when he gets his hand on some blood pudding.

But when the two marvel at chilled balut and Gwen reaches her hand in the pot to get herself one, the battle is finished.

Typical of Uncle Max, he tries to get the two to not to be so competitive. He even asks them to savor the new flavors they’re tasting instead of just inhaling them! And not that we were expecting anything different, but Ben quickly asks for a best-two-out-of-three arrangement instead.

Balut isn’t a stranger to television. Several adventurous foodies have dared to try our humble delicacy. From slurping up the soup, to dipping the egg in some salt and finally eating the embryo itself, they’ve all powered through—or at least tried to. The likes of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern were more welcoming, but the contestants of Survivor were less enthused. We can’t really blame them, since it’s such an acquired taste and many have failed, but we nevertheless always appreciate the attempts.

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