The Best Of Ariana Grande’s Music

Her success has been a long time coming and now she’s paying it forward

Ariana Grande is a name we know you’ve learned to love—or strangely hate. She’s a no-holds bared kind of woman that will say it like it is however she wants to say it. But while she’s a feminist we can all look up to, there’s no denying her talent and heart are some of the things we adore about her the most.

Her stint on Saturday Night Live

Last year, the artist hosted SNL which turned out to be one of its most successful and well-received episodes of the season. And while she was both funny and charming throughout the entire show, we have to say her impersonations took the cake that night.

Her duet with Miley Cyrus


Most performances are choreographed to the nanosecond, so it’s kind of refreshing when musicians get together for something raw. In this clip, Miley and Ariana get into a bit of trouble with the lyrics, but they get through the song anyway. And besides, two of our female favorites in one couch? Could not ask for more.

Her live performance of Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart

Slow, show stopping and completely heart felt. There’s no doubt that Ariana can work a stage, but it’s just as amazing when she takes a seat and just serenades us with her voice and some musical accompaniment. And this song was written by Harry Styles, whose lyrics have a knack for breaking us down. 

Her cover of I Have Nothing with David Foster

It’s something when we mere mortals can appreciate an old classic as sung by a relatively new act, but it’s something else entirely when a name like David Foster gives an artist the respect to perform with them. Goosebumps everywhere on this one.

Her One Love Manchester charity concert

We all know about the tragedy that happened in Manchester during one of Ariana’s concerts. We know how awful she felt, we know how the world was in mourning. But then the 23-year-old made something beautiful: The One Love Manchester charity concert. She had a particularly touching tribute when she performed One Last Time. She couldn’t hold back the tears and neither could we.

The concert raised 2 million GBP. That’s over P127M for the victims and their families. What a way to turn something gray back towards the light.

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