The Best Female-Empowering Ads Out There (Because It’s Still Women’s Month)

Not that we need a reason to talk about them

It isn’t a secret that women have come a long way in recent decades. There was once a time when schooling wasn’t an option, wanting to work was a disgrace and choosing to stay single was unheard of. It’s a crazy thought now, but that was the norm way back then. But despite the strides, jumps and leaps that women have made, there’s no honest way of saying that the gender playing field is balanced and equal.

Back then, media played a large part in putting women down. They (wrongfully) highlighted male dominance and female complacency.


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Now? Media looks a little more promising.


Because it’s when we start listening to everyone else that we become convinced being a girl is an insult, a letdown and a disappointment. When did we start equating females with weakness anyway? The young girls in this video show us what it’s all about: Running, throwing and fighting are not male activities, they’re human activities.

Real Beauty

Physical appearances are too often scrutinized in media and in real life. Dove, who’s made it their aim to showcase real women and real beauty, proves that we’re too hard on ourselves and our looks. The truth is that other people are capable of appreciating what they see in front of them, just as we are. And us? We just can’t see what we have to offer because our eyes have filters, magazine covers and runways glazed over our eyes.

World’s Toughest Job

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Empowering women isn’t just about giving them the chance at an education and a professional career, sometimes it’s as simple as letting them do what they choose to do. This video, this experiment that had strangers consider a job that had no salary, no days off and no breaks, proves just how tough mothers have it.

This Girl Can

It was said, now let it be seen: Women can get physical, no matter what shape, color or age they come in. Strength is attainable if you want it and it there are no requirements for it—except perhaps discipline, dedication and will power. And hey, who can say women aren’t already born with these things?

Not A Princess


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We might have grown up thinking a boy would come into our lives and make it all better, save us from troubles and bring us our happily ever after’s. But we know better than to believe that now; we make our own happiness. This all-girl in school in Kentucky, USA, constantly reminds their girls of this.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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