Some Of The Best Game Crossovers & The Ones We Want To See Happen

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In the world of gaming, there is no doubt that some titles have stood out more than the rest. Choice games have withstood the test of time, console upgrades and new competition. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s always a big deal when it does. And when these titles have really cemented themselves, almost nothing can stop them—even if that means a real faceoff with a different franchise.


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The best


Marvel vs. Capcom

For anyone that has ever wondered how the heroes of one franchise would battle up against those of another, there is Marvel vs. Capcom to satisfy their curiosity. The characters from Resident Evil, Streetfighter and X-Men come together in this title to showcase killer combos, special moves and exciting finishes.



Super Smash Bros.

As might be the largest game crossover in history, Super Smash Bros. is one of the most celebrated titles as it combines some of the greatest Nintendo games of all time—from Mario to Zelda and Kirby to Donkey Kong. Not to mention it is the perfect example of “easy to learn, hard to master” gameplay.



Kingdom Hearts

Unlike most game crossovers, Kingdom Hearts doesn’t pit one franchise against the other. Instead, Square Enix and Disney created a harmonious partnership between some of their most iconic characters. In the creation of an entirely new universe that is littered with Disney favorites and Final Fantasy icons, Kingdom Hearts succeeds in what was once thought too complicated.



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The ones we want


Resident Evil x Outlast

It’s no secret that Resident Evil and Outlast are two of the most successful game franchises out there. But what we’d really love to see is how game producers can mix in a supernatural twist to one of the most followed cult plots out there.





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Tomb Raider x Uncharted

Meanwhile, we would totally hop on the train of a Tomb Raider meets Uncharted series mainly because it would be interesting to see how the let’s-get-this-done Lara Croft would interact with Nathan Drake’s relatively more relaxed personality. Would they bring out the best in each other? Would they annoy one another to no end? We’d love some answers in the form of one can’t-be-put-down game.





Fallout x Elder Scrolls

In Fallout, you’re in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to fight off mutants developed by extreme radiation. In Elder Scrolls, you’re tasked to finish quests in a world that is inhabited by dragons and orcs. And it would be great to see just how the combination of these two ideas would result in a universe that is both futuristic and magical, yet haunted by the past.





Some may say it’s a risk to combine one great title with another, that it will be too complicated to mix in different characters from different worlds and backgrounds who have different goals, but you also have to admit that when it’s done right, it’s done wonderfully. 

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