Netflix Shows That Made 2016 A Great Year for TV

You have some catching up to do if you haven’t seen these hits yet

What I love about Netflix is that if people want to watch a certain kind of show, Netflix goes ahead and makes it. That’s why whenever someone recommends a new series that happens to be a Netflix Original, I already know it’s been vetted by so many people. They have consistently come up with great series and movies, and the 2016 releases are proof of that. Some of the fan favorites this year can only be watched online and here are some of them:

1. Stranger Things (Season 1)

This one’s easy and is also a classic Netflix Original. The script was rejected by a whopping 15 studios before making it to the computer screen! And perhaps it was for the better. Netflix’s style of releasing all the episodes in one go is perfect for this sci-fi ’80s throwback, which managed to make binging it feel nothing short of thrilling and satisfying. Featuring a talented cast that delivered tender and chilling performances, a great soundtrack and nostalgic props, Stranger Things manages to keep audiences hooked on the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of a boy called Will Byers.

2. Narcos (Season 2)

If you’ve seen the first season, you already know Narcos is not a series you can binge. Certainly not if you get remotely sick by seeing blood and gore. At any moment, I feel like anyone on the show can be shot for no reason and that freaks me out all the time. All the plots first introduced in Season 1 will now explode in Season 2 with Pablo Escobar’s rise to power finally starting to be threatened by the underground world, the American DEA and the new Colombian government. Although we know how history goes, the series is still captivating in every way. Again, a great nostalgic piece.

3. House of Cards (Season 4)

Although the best season is still the first, House of Cards Season 4 is still on the mark with everything you love about Frank Underwood. With his power-wife Claire, Frank is able to move forward and yet simultaneously be threatened by her. The chaos he started to get to the top is now catching up with him. The retribution against Frank is imminent and with the couple backed up in a corner, it will become more dangerous than ever.

4. Black Mirror (Season 3)

Black Mirror is reaching new heights since being bought by Netflix. The sci-fi series gathered a rabid fan base after it had premiered on the British airwaves in 2011. As the series shows, we have truly entered a new age of civilization, one with perils and dangers that are more imminent than ever. With our entire lives completely and fundamentally intertwined with technology, we expose ourselves to new vulnerabilities that people never had to deal with until now. Watch any one of Black Mirror’s six separate stories and you’ll never want to go online again.

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Words Rafael Mirafuente

Photo via Netflix (Stranger Things)

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