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No matter how you go around it, we Pinoys have a sense of humor all on our own. Despite the years of world-wide influences, two of the things that have stayed true and constant are what we find funny and just how loud our laughter can be. So while drama, action and indie have indeed cemented their roles in the industry, Tagalog comedy movies will always have a place in our heart.


Mahirap Maging Pogi

Know that feeling when everyone is just after your looks? Yeah, neither do we. But in Mahirap Maging Pogi, Pording Pogi (Andrew E) is sick of being chased by the women in his town. As a solution, he goes to Manila and stays with his cousin Dodong Boogie (Dennis Padilla).




Si Mokong, Si Astig At Si Gamol

Meet Mokong (Janno Gibbs), Astig (Dennis Padilla) and Gamol (Andrew E), three former street kids who now have wards of their own. The catch? They support themselves through various scams.


Pido Dida Sabay Tayo

Money is not everything, as proven by the story of Pido (Rene Requiestas) and Dida (Kris Aquino). The two grew up in an orphanage believing that they’re siblings. After being maltreated by their adoptive parents, they seek refuge with a kind but less fortunate woman.




Neber 2-Geder

Berto (Andrew E) and Tonyo (Redford White) show us just how irrelevant color is when it comes to relationships. Watch their friendship blossom and see just how far they are willing to go for each other.


Hataw Tatay Hataw

Marlon (Dolphy) is a bellboy that works in an upscale hotel. He has an adopted son and long lost daughter that reside in the United States. When Jenny (Sheryl Cruz) comes home, Marlon pretends to live in the penthouse of the hotel that he works in. A good idea or an accident waiting to happen?




Michael and Madonna

The life of a student is never an easy one, but the duo of Michael (Rene Requiestas) and Madonna (Manilyn Reynes) make it a funny one to watch. That is, until they find out that one of their professors is a drug pusher.


Alabang Girls

We all love a love story that breaks stereotypes and class divisions. Catch the tale of a group of boys from the far end of town as they fall in love with girls from the upscale world of Alabang.




We’re always going to look back at the 90s with smiles on our faces. They had some of the best music and fashion, but the decade also sports one of the best Pinoy movie lists.


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