The Best Of The Chainsmokers: Covers & Collaborations

The originals and the remixes



In today’s music world, no act is arguably as controversial as The Chainsmokers. But while their personas and actions are often questioned, there is no denying that the general public enjoys their music. Any track of theirs being played in a club will get the crowd on their feet.


The Covers


Closer – Walk Off The Earth

When Walk Off The Earth released this cover, even The Chainsmokers were impressed. They shared the video on their social media accounts saying they weren’t worth of the cover. The mellowed out melody and fun additions gave the often-played song a new life.



Don’t Let Me Down – Megan Nicole and Dylan Gardner

Megan Nicole and Dylan Gardner’s take on Don’t Let Me Down is soulful and sweet. Their voices together create a buildup similar to the original track, but the intensity is simmered down to give listeners something different.



Roses – Sam Tsui and KHS

We all know Roses as an upbeat dance number that you jump around to with your friends, but with Sam Tsui on vocals and Kurt Hugo Schneider on the piano, the song takes on a dramatic turn. The added music and rifts take the song to a totally different level.



Something Just Like This featuring Coldplay

Collaborating with each other on Something Just Like This was a good move for both Coldplay and The Chainsmokers. You can tell the elements that each party worked on and what resulted was an anthem we know you not-so-secretly memorize.



Inside Out featuring Charlee

Charlee’s wispy vocals lure us in during the first few registers of this song. Meanwhile, the build-up—a classic often found in songs from The Chainsmokers—keeps us listening.



Closer featuring Halsey

There’s no going around it and there’s no keeping your ears away from it either. The fact is, Closer is an incredibly popular track that we’ve all sung to at the top of our lungs while we were stuck in traffic.




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