The Best Songs For That Perfect Summer Playlist

Because a summer trip is not complete without the perfect tunes

You may already have that perfect outfit for your beach getaway and the restaurants picked out for this year’s epic road trip, but there’s one thing that will make them so much better: The perfect playlist. Music is such an influential part of our lives that it’s only fitting to weave in the right songs to ensure we make the most of our summer. 

Shape Of You, Ed Sheeran

Here’s one that we’re sure you’ve heard and will continue to hear in the coming weeks. Ed Sheeran’s return to the music industry is being led by Shape Of You and we completely understand why. Its catchy melody and honest lyrics will get you off your seat and on the dance floor.

Something Like This, The Chainsmokers featuring Coldplay

If there’s a song that’s ideal for that night at the beach, we’re ready to argue that it’s The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s Something Like This. The two anthem-makers have partnered together to bring you your go-to song for the summer, which is as tranquil as it is party appropriate.

Green Light, Lorde

The build-up of Lorde’s Green Light is perfectly timed and its lyrics are refreshingly raw. Listen to the track and imagine driving down the highway at (the legally appropriate) speed limit. Relaxing, isn’t it? So get your friends in a car, pick a destination and drive with the windows down and your speakers up. 

Stay, Zedd featuring Alessia Cara

Zedd has built his name on his club anthems, and Stay, which features Alessia Cara, rightfully sits atop that throne. It’s this summer’s “I’m young, I’m going to have fun” song that’s perfect for those nights out with a new crowd and new possibilities. 

It Ain’t Me, Kygo featuring Selena Gomez

It might have been a while since we heard something new from Selena Gomez, but her collaboration with Kygo does not disappoint. If you need something slow to sway to, put on It Ain’t Me. It’s a must play for those quiet and nostalgic nights that summer always brings. 

Whatever your tastes, head over to Spotify and create your own summer playlist. 

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