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Best Viral Videos That Prove Creativity Is Alive & Well During Quarantine - go!

Humans in Quarantine: The Best Viral Videos That Prove Creativity is Alive and Well

Social distancing, but make it original

Amid an enhanced community quarantine, a wealth of viral videos have surfaced of neighbors singing in balconies and applauding frontliners to uplift one another while, of course, practicing social distancing. Under such dire circumstances, these highlight not only man’s inherent creativity but compassion.

We gathered the best videos from the Internet of those putting self-isolation into good use. Watch these below:

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A family of six’s adaptation of One Day More from Les Misérables has drawn awe from citizens of the World Wide Web. They change the lyrics of the song with their—rather, our—new reality. The children sing woefully, “Our grandparents are miles away/ They can’t work Skype/ We’re brokenhearted.” No wonder it’s such a hit!

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon adapts to quarantine with a low-budget, at-home studio production of his daily show with the help of his family. His adorable daughters, Winnie (6) and Franny (5), undeniably steal the show. They may not find their father’s jokes funny but we’re all cracking up over how cute they are. Meanwhile, his wife, producer Nancy Juvonen, acts as his camerawoman. At the end of the day, he is a father and husband, before he is an entertainer. 

Now that theaters across the world are closed, artists are uploading virtual shows on their pages. Legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber performs All I Ask Of You with the orchestra of London’s West End production of The Phantom Of The Opera. He includes the hashtag #HomeIsWhereTheMusicIs on his viral video—a brief reprieve for many stuck in their homes.

Dating in the time of social distancing? These neighbors from Brooklyn are making it happen! Photographer Jeremy Cohen saw a woman named Tori Cignarella dancing on her rooftop and was immediately love-struck. With the use of modern technology—a drone to be more precise—and a protective bubble ball, they might just get a happily ever after.

With an influx of quarantine-related TikTok videos, this “Choose your Quarantine Character” is among the best. Everybody can relate, whether you’re in sweats or holding another work-related Zoom conference. This is a TikTok original by Alina Polichuk, a film director in the Netherlands. 

And if you just need the laughs—because clearly, we all need it—Trevor Noah doesn’t disappoint.

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Matthew Fetalver

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