The Biggest Moments From Stranger Things 2 We Just Can’t Stop Thinking About

Srsly, things just got a lot stranger 

The long wait is over as Stranger Things 2 finally premiered last Friday, October 27 (along with this exclusive 0917 x Netflix Stranger Things collection). And soon us we all anxiously hit that play button, life was over and we were suddenly back to 1980s Hawkins, Indiana.

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Stranger Things 2 features a collection of nine episodes or chapters with the characters we fell in love with from Season 1, as well as new faces viewers are sure to find intriguing/interesting. But before we talk about what went down in the latest installment, if you’d rather see the series yourself, don’t read this! Because spoilers ahead.

Stranger Things 2 picks up a year after the events in Hawkins and sees Will back home, living a seemingly normal life. But as in the trailer, you’ll see Will frequently slip back into the Upside Down for painful, long moments, which his doctor says is no more than a textbook case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But is it? Here’s the truth, Will has True Sight and is actually able to travel between dimensions; he’s just not aware of it as he’s never in control and his physical body stays in the “normal” version of his town.

Meanwhile, the rest of the boys—Mike, Dustin and Lucas—are in their pre-teens and dealing with the horrors that come with not just the Upside Down, but prepubescence and young love, too, like collectively (and we mean Dustin and Lucas) crushing on the new Vans-wearing skater girl in town, Max.

ANYWAY, though Eleven had little appearance or interaction with the core characters in the series’ trailer, you can all rest assured that she is alive and still very much part of Season 2. Though she has been laying low at the cabin of police chief Jim Hopper.

Eleven fan (which you most likely are) or not, it’s important to note that our favorite girl-power now sports a new ‘do: a messy but gorgeous bob that indicates her character’s—and perhaps her own—entrance to womanhood. 

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Now about that gateway to the Upside Down that we all thought Eleven had closed for good, we now realize that one doesn’t need an open portal to enter this other dimension. Case in point, Will Byers and Eleven herself, who can, if she used all her might, create portals. 

As for the Mind Flayer, he lives and has just earned supervillain status. He has, after all, already won in the Upside Down version of Hawkins and is the big bad creature to beat at the end of the series.

Meanwhile the new season introduces viewers to another young superpowered individual: Kali or Eight. With the ability to control her own powers, Kali teaches Eleven to use her super abilities better. But—as there is always a but—a downside to all this; the more the pair use their gifts, the deadlier the side effects. So now the question is, how do they use their skills without killing themselves? And how can they find more individuals like Eleven and Eight to team up with to close the gateway forever???

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Lastly, in case we forgot to mention, Dustin harbors an extraterrestial tadpole-looking pet that is actually a Demo-dog. He names it D'Artagnan and the creature does look cute until it grows hind legs in the most digusting way and then kills and eats Dustin's house cat Mews. We later confirm he is indeed from the Upside Down, really likes Dustin/nougat and is sadly a mindless murdering machine. 

As for the rest of the big moments the Internet has been talking about, you'll have to see it for yourself.  

Stranger Things 2 has us completely shookt! Catch up on Netflix with Globe.

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