The Names You Need To Know From The Movie Birdshot

You’ll be hearing them a lot more from now on

It may not have been released in all Philippine cinemas yet, but Mikhail Red’s latest feature, Birdshot, is already getting a lot of attention. With its epic storyline, subtle symbolisms and inspired cinematography, we really can’t argue with it. But we are willing to meet the plot and raise it with the cast and crew.

Mary Joy Apostol

In Birdshot, Mary Joy Apostol plays 14-year-old Maya, the young girl who accidentally kills a haribon. It’s her mistake that sets the entire film on its wheels. Her portrayal in the film is something of its own, but she’s also making a name for herself beyond the feature.

We’re loving her style in general, which is laid back but edgy and completely age-appropriate. She’s just 19-years-old, so we’re thrilled to see her in sneakers, snap backs and t-shirts.

Photos via Facebook/MaryJoy.Apostol.56

That doesn’t mean she can’t glam it up though. 

Photos via Facebook/MaryJoy.Apostol.56

John Arcilla

Most will remember John Arcilla for his portrayal of Antonio Luna in the 2015 film, General Luna. And why not? He was brilliant in it. He made us laugh, cry and totally fall in love with the Philippines all over again—but not without some hostility for its politics.

In Birdshot, he takes the role of Mendoza, the cynical partner of Arnold Reyes’ Domingo. Mendoza discourages Domingo from pursuing the case of the disappearance of a busload of farmers who were on their way to Manila with complaints about unfair treatment. It looks as if Arcilla is turning the tables this time around and playing the role of the corrupt government official.

Mikhail Red

At the helm of Birdshot is Mikhail Red, a young Filipino director who has continued to shock and wow us with his body of work. Back in 2014, he was awarded Best New Director at the Vancouver International Film Festival for Rekorder, beating out 10 other young directors from all corners of the world.

The story of Rekorder follows the life of Maven (Ronnie Quizon), a professional cinematographer who trades in his expensive equipment for an obsolete camcorder. He begins to record everything from the birth of his daughter to crime he sees on the streets. He then captures a murder and the video becomes viral—and the consequences that follow him ruin his life.

In his second feature, Red sits us down yet again and opens our eyes to the trivialities of our country. It is beautifully shot, well told and is a definite shouldn’t miss.

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