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Feeling Flirty or Feisty? Here are 5 BLACKPINK Songs for Every Mood - go!

Feeling Flirty or Feisty? Here are 5 BLACKPINK Songs for Every Mood

There’s always that one song tailor-made to fit your mood

BLACKPINK has undoubtedly taken every area across the world. Their repertoire as a girl group and individual artists broke stereotypes, making them a musical and cultural phenomenon. Blinks are always looking forward to what's next for the girls, especially after launching The Album

Since it's still impossible to hold live concerts, BLACKPINK fans will have to do with virtual shows and social media updates for now. And you can trust the group to slay the stage, be it live or virtual—if you caught BLACKPINK: THE SHOW last January 31, you know what we're talking about. 

While waiting for the next BLACKPINK virtual concert, Blinks can dance to their idols’ tunes nonstop on Spotify. Thankfully, they have a song perfect for any mood. 

Check out which BLACKPINK song below best echoes how you feel today! 

"You Never Know"

Listen to it when: you're feeling a little down and vulnerable 

BLACKPINK is the most popular girl group at the moment, and lots of news (big and small) about the four girls pop up here and there, but no one truly knows what they are going through or have been through. 

The emotional ballad—the most heartfelt track in The Album—is a reminder that people shouldn't pass judgment willy-nilly and that you shouldn't let whatever you hear bring you down.

Relatable lyrics: 

"But you'll never know unless you walk in my shoes

You'll never know" 

"Lovesick Girls"

Listen to it when: you're heartbroken, but you'd rather dance than weep in a corner

Lovesick Girls is the newest anthem for those who just ended a relationship. If you feel as if you are "born to be alone" but still admit you want an SO in your life, this track is for you. The song is an absolute bop with its assertive, evocative and confident lyrics. Listening to it feels like going through various stages of grief after a breakup, but why not dance while you're at it? 

Relatable lyrics: 

"Didn't wanna be a princess, I'm priceless

A prince not even on my list

Love is a drug that I quit"

"Kill This Love"

Listen to it when: you're in a toxic relationship and need the extra motivation to kick it to the curb, or you've just left an unhealthy relationship and want a song to dance to as you celebrate your freedom.

Not quite an oldie, but will forever be a goodie, Kill This Love is one of BLACKPINK's thematic and eclectic songs that makes you feel fierce despite the hardship or heartbreak you're going through. The track is fitting for "killing" a toxic love that makes you weak rather than giving you strength. It's a bombastic breakup anthem, for sure. 

Relatable lyrics:

"We must kill this love

Yeah, it's sad but true

Gotta kill this love

Before it kills you, too"

"Ice Cream"

Listen to it when: you're feeling fun and flirty, naughty and nice

Ice Cream, which features Selena Gomez, is a perfect summer bop that makes listeners feel confident and flirtatious. The song can be empowering, especially when you're on the fence about approaching someone you like. If you've set your eyes on someone but too shy to make the first move or bring your relationship to the next level, Ice Cream is a great confidence booster. 

Relatable lyrics:

"You're the only touch, yeah, that gets me melting

He's my favorite flavor, always gonna pick him"

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"Forever Young"

Listen to it when: you feel stuck and are in need of an energy boost

Forever Young sounds gentle with its soft verses from the get-go, but it slaps towards the chorus. It's a colorful song inspired by youthful energy. Playing this will encourage you to get up and be carefree. The song gives a sense of optimism that can instantly pick you up when you're down or when you just want to express how much you feel about your friends or significant other. 

Relatable lyrics: 

"Say life's a b***h? But mine's a movie

내 diamond처럼 we'll shine together

Whenever wherever forever ever ever"

How You Like That? 

There you have it—the perfect BLACKPINK songs that will revamp the soundtrack of your life. Speaking of the revolution that is BLACKPINK, the Globe and BLACKPINK partnership allows the K-pop group to reach and inspire hundreds of Filipino Blinks through digital platforms. 

Reinvent Your World with Globe and BLACKPINK!

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