How Will Boruto Live Up To Naruto?

That’s the question and we have the answers



When a sequel is released for any well-loved franchise, there is always the fear that the new material will not live up to the original. Add a very clear connection like that of Boruto and his father Naruto, and you’re treading on difficult waters. But the world is big and there might just be enough room for both stories. 



Updated animation

As an animated series, the visuals are of utmost importance. And while fans of Naruto Shippuden loved the animation of the first series, the visuals of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are better. Blame time and modern technology, but watching the sequel is definitely more aesthetically pleasing.


Not to mention we’re expecting some fast-paced fight scenes—another Naruto classic that has gracefully made its way to the sequel.


New characters

The characters of Naruto are beloved—there is no doubt about that. The Naruto series did well in terms of character development and viewers were left to applaud, cry and cheer for certain individuals. The following for the different love teams were massive as well. But ask yourself: How did you first feel about them?


It is likely to be the same with Boruto as the episodes continue to come out. Those who watched the original series will learn to love the new and exciting characters as they once learned how to appreciate Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Sasuke. 



The story

If you watched Naruto, then you’ll know most of the older characters in Boruto, and it has been argued that knowing their backstories will limit the creativity of the new series. But the time jump between the two shows have provided some level of mystery as well. As mentioned earlier, there are new characters to meet and new pasts to uncover. 




When it boils down to it, Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is action-packed, has a good storyline, is both mysterious and thrilling, and definitely has the potential to best the original.

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