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Britney Spears’ Evolution In Music Videos

Because Baby One More Time will never ever get old



Everybody loves Britney Spears and no matter what happened to her in the past—short-lived romances, weird moments and rehab stints—her most dedicated fans will never leave her side. Because one, nobody will ever, EVER sound like her and two, we’ve all made mistakes (so shhh). Besides, have you seen her lately? She looks better, happier and with comeback hits that are undeniably stronger than the last. Here, we re-live Britney Spears evolution from a Catholic schoolgirl-clad songstress to—whut!Slumber-sexy pop icon-legend-everything!


Baby One More Time


That opening beat brings us waaay back. This was the day that Britney Spears dropped her very first single and unwittingly changed music and human history. Forever.


Ooops! I Did It Again


Ooops! Britney did it again. This time in a red latex ensemble, pin straight hair and out-of-this-world choregraphy.




Pretty much Britney’s life and struggle in the 00’s post-JT. She wasn’t just a pop idol; she made sense and the rawness of this video was just everything.




That sparkly body suit. The plot. Her smoky eye makeup.


I’m A Slave 4 U


The ultimate Britney Spears’ music video that said, ‘Hey, I’m not a girl, I'm a woman now.’ Bye pigtails and Catholic schoolgirl uniform.




Girl power anthem right here.


Me Against The Music


Two legends in one music video? Yaaas please. Plus a legendary choregraphy? Mind blown.




Britney giving off some b-girl vibes and showing us her outrageous side by face-licking Snoop Dogg.




10 years since Baby One More Time and two kids later…Britney Spears still looks like a goddess and can still top the charts.




Released in 2016 and years after her well-documented rock bottom phase…Britney looks better, happier and she killed it in Slumber.



What to expect from the queen this year? Surely bigger, better, sexier things!

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