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You know his songs, his face and his moves, but if there’s one (more) undeniable thing about Bruno Mars, it has to be his sense of style. In an industry that has created and styled everything from pop princesses to the most rocked-out rock stars, he has somehow managed to come out the other side in unique fashion.


He’s not afraid of change

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When the name Bruno Mars started first started to make headlines in the music world, he emerged on stage in tailored suits, slicked back hair and his signature eyewear.


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But as the years rolled on, he expanded his closet and our appreciation for his runway and music video looks grew. He sometimes swapped the sunglasses for a fedora, the slacks for colored pants and the crisp button downs for silk shirts.


Make no mistake, however, because our man can definitely still rock a suit—and a fur coat.



He’s a natural

When the rest of the world does everything they can to fix, “correct” and hide their “flaws,” Bruno Mars embraces everything that’s natural about him. From his hair to his skin color, the 24K Magic singer definitely knows how to work with what God gave him.



He is not afraid to accessorize

Bruno Mars’ time on stage and on screen has proven that he has an affinity for dressing his looks up with accessories. From the previously mentioned signature sunnies and his fedora, to gold chains and the bling he wears on his fingers.



He knows his brands

Versace on the Floor is not just a song and Bruno Mars did not just pick some random brand that fits in well with the rest of the lyrics. He has had an affinity for Versace for years now and some of his biggest style moments are from wearing the popular brand.


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During his Superbowl 50 performance, Bruno Mars took the stage in a black leather look, which featured Versace signatures like gold Medusa buttons and theGreek key trim.



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And when Bruno Mars won Best Male Video at the MTV VMAs in 2015, he took that same iconic black-and-gold and turned heads all around.



Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of Bruno Mars’ favorite bling, shall we?


He has the ability to influence

Whether that means babies that can’t even properly sing his songs—



Artists that could give him a run for his money—


Screenshot via Comedy Central Latinoamérica/YouTube


Or proper English comedians like James Corden.


Screenshot via Wochit Entertainment/YouTube


He’s true to himself

But despite the evolution that Bruno Mars has undoubtedly gone through, he has stayed true to himself. The pieces are different and the accessories have become more varied—but he still has that same swag and confidence that he has always projected.




Happy birthday, Bruno Mars! 

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