Of Exes & What We Want Answered In Can We Still Be Friends

We hope the movie gives us some clarity

Relationships are usually great while you’re in them, but they tend to be a pain when they’re over. You’ve molded bits of your life with someone else’s and then you have to figure out how to separate them again. You need to figure out which parts are yours and which parts are theirs. But then again, maybe you don’t have to split completely, because maybe you can be friends.

Can We Still Be Friends is an upcoming movie starring Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz, which tackles this exact predicament. It asks the age-old question about whether or not a couple can make the jump from lovers, to exes, to friends.

 The film isn’t out yet, so we’re unsure about what specific situation their characters are in. But no matter happens, we do hope that they shed some light and offer some wisdom on a few key things.

How do you act around your ex?

There’s nothing more awkward than the first encounter after a breakup. Are you supposed to act cool and say hi? Or do you cast your eyes down and pretend you didn’t see them in the first place? And if they make the first move, should you carry on a conversation? Is a pleasant hello/goodbye enough?

Should you offer up personal information after you’ve broken up?

Even after you’ve drudged through that awful opening, you suddenly realize there’s so much more to worry about. All the details you used to share with each other so freely—are they off limits now? If they ask if you’re seeing anyone, should you direct the course of the conversation elsewhere? Do you say Sorry, I just don’t think we should talk about our love lives or do you stay honest and give an actual answer?

What kind of questions are safe to ask?

Let’s say neither of you asked about each other’s current relationship status, it doesn’t mean you’ll finally have the key to a magical chest of safe topics. Can you ask about his family? Can you ask about her friends? Can you ask each other about how you’ve both been spending the time apart?

What do you do with any creeping feelings of jealousy?

No matter what happens and no matter how you feel, there’s no denying that even the slightest part of you is going to be jealous when a girl’s name pops up on his phone. You’re going to be jealous about every boy that looks her way. What are you supposed to do with that?

Is it possible to stay friends?

And we mean platonic friends. No hidden desires, no wishful thinking, no wanting to sabotage any relationship that follows yours. Is it really possible to turn off any feelings whatsoever, and just be friends—in the most innocent sense of the word?

Maybe we’ll get our answers when Can We Still Be Friends premieres on June 14.

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