Meet Cartoon Network’s Next-Gen Characters and Why We Love Them

Because cartoons are not just for kids but the adults, too!

If you have kids or are living with kids, then you might already know some of these cartoon characters: Ben Tennyson, Finn the Human, Grizz…And if you happen to be young-ish in the 90s, then you’d definitely know who the Powerpuff girls are!

Let us introduce you to this generation’s beloved new—and rebooted—characters that both kids and adults love. Because we all need a break from adulting and wish we had Finn’s long, flowing hair.

Adventure Time

The plot: Finn the Human and Jake the Dog adventures in their post-apocalyptic hometown, the Land of Ooo. Along the way, they meet quirky characters, like Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King, Marceline and the Vampire Queen.


Finn is a 16-year-old human boy who loves adventures and being a hero. He wears a white hat to cover his Rapunzel-like hair. But that’s not the only reason why we love Finn…really. He’s a modern-day hero from an unlikely background (he was adopted and raised by Jake the Dog’s parents) willing to help anyone in need but is vulnerable just like the rest of us.

Finn on making life problems a little bit better: “Hugging helps.”


Jake, Finn’s adoptive brother and bestest friend, is a shape-shifting bulldog able to stretch and shrink at will. He always helps Finn fight his battles (like any big brother or sister would) and get around the Land of Ooo. We love Jake for his laidback attitude towards life and willingness to step up to fight for his brother when needed.  

Jake on some sort of feel-good advice:

Ben 10

The plot: Ben Tennyson stumbles upon a watch-like alien gadget (the Omnitrix), which allows him to transform into 10 different types of aliens. He uses it to save the world from disasters, terror and, well, bad aliens.

The series saw Ben grow up from a pre-teen in Ben 10 to a 16-year-old in Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse. The reboot, which was released just this month, still follows the adventures of Ben, his cousin Gwen and granddad Max with new alien forms from the Omnitrix. The main difference is the latest installment features a different animation style and has a run-time of 11 minutes instead of the usual 22.

Ben Tennyson

Ben, the main character, was a regular 10-year-old when the series first started. Unlike the stereotypical hero, Ben sports shaggy brown hair with a skinny but athletic body frame. Similar to Jake, he has his imperfections but is generally good-natured and willing to help others at any time. We love that despite Ben’s failures and mistakes throughout the series, the good in him always outshines the bad.

Benn on what we all want to say when helping someone in need: “It’s hero time.”

Powerpuff Girls

The plot: Three girls made of sugar, spice and everything nice battle all sorts of monsters and villains to save their town. All while dealing with everyday issues regular children face, from loose teeth to bed-wetting and school to sibling rivalries.

Powerpuff Girls was first developed in the early 90s and made its official debut on Cartoon Network in November 1998, and is back for a reboot this year.


Blossom, with the personality ingredient “everything nice,” is the leader of the puff. She can freeze objects with her breath, which would come in handy on extremely hot days if this power were real. But we love Blossom best for her strong will, determination and level-headedness. 

Blossom on what every lady’s mantra should be: 


Buttercup is the cool-girl of the bunch and is made up of the personality ingredient spice. She doesn’t mind getting dirty, plays rough and fights hard. She’s also the only puff without unique powers but is arguably the toughest!

Buttercup doing what we sometimes want to do when we’re mad: “I need to punch!”


With sugar as her personality ingredient, Bubbles is the cute and sensitive one among the puff. Despite her sweet and seemingly fragile nature, she’s smart (with the ability to understand multiple languages and communicate with animals) and is capable of extreme rage. Her superpower is emitting supersonic waves with her voice.

Bubbles thinking exactly what we’re thinking when we’re being underestimated: “They all treat me like a baby. I’ll show them. I’ll prove to them I can be…Hardcore.”

We Bare Bears

The plot: Three adoptive bear brothers Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear attempt to live human lives doing what humans normally do—buy food, make friends and try to become famous on the Internet. Thankfully, they have one another and can “bear stack” (literally stack on top of the other but in age order) to wherever they need to go.

Grizzly “Grizz”

The eldest and leader of the sleuth, Grizz is a fun-loving bear who sometimes gets his brothers into some wild fun. He’s highly sociable but ironically, socially awkward (aren’t we all!). Yet this doesn’t stop him from trying to befriend every fellow that comes his way. Hey, it’s the effort that counts right?

Grizz on being an Internet celebrity: “Being Internet famous sounds amazing.”


Panda or Pan-Pan is the middle brother who gets embarrassed pretty easily. He’s a lot less confident than the other bears but is good with technology, particularly social media and dating apps. Panda is also the most creative and is vegetarian (sounds like the millennial in the brotherhood).

Panda reacting like us when find out our phone has been stolen:

Ice Bear

Ice Bear is the youngest of the bears and is often stoic. He rarely speaks and when he does, he refers to himself in the third person. Surprisingly though, Ice Bear is multilingual and speaks French and Korean fluently. He also has an impressive skillset, particularly in cooking, dancing, robotics and martial arts. What’s not to love about the ice-cool bear?

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