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Local and Foreign Actors Share Their Own On-Set Horror Stories

Their stories are probably creepier than the horror movies themselves, since these are true, personal accounts

Horror films are sometimes based on true stories. Other times, horror films can be where the true ghost stories come from. These actors can attest to the fact that there are filming experiences that are more haunted than the stories they tell.

1.    Andrea Torres

Before she became a leading lady, Andrea Torres hosted television shows. Her first was the youth-oriented talk show Ka-Blog. For its Halloween special in 2009, she and the show’s crew went to a dilapidated hospital building in Clark Air Base to shoot some scenes. While there, Torres began to hear voices in a language she could not understand. She told the staff and crew who were the only other people in the area with her. They didn’t hear a thing.

The abandoned hospital housed wounded soldiers in the Vietnam War, according to a GMA News report. It was featured in National Geographic’s TV show-documentary I Wouldn’t Go in There in 2013. “[The Clark Air Base abandoned hospital] has the most number of supporting details and testimonials, proving it is truly haunted,” states Jude Turcuato, the Philippine head of Fox International Channel.

2.    Halle Berry

Halle Berry has won many acting awards in her life. A good number of these were for her performance as actress Dorothy Dandridge in the 1999 television film Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. reports that Berry took home one of Dorothy’s dresses as a souvenir and for inspiration.

“I kept it [in my den] covered in paper and plastic to protect it.” Berry recalls, “One night I was at home with a friend drinking tea and we heard all this rustling noise. At first I thought it was just water dripping from the teapot, then I realized it was coming from the room and the paper on the dress was rattling—all by itself! My friend and I both hauled a*s out of there so fast!”

And there’s more. Berry continues, “Other strange things happened in the house while I had that dress. I'd come home and the housekeeper would say she’d heard my vanity chair moving upstairs in my bathroom. And our fridge door would fly open by itself. I'm not kidding. When the film was over, I desperately wanted to keep her dress, but it had to go. And then everything was fine.”

3.    Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan likes to think of himself as a skeptic. However, when the owner of the mythical box from which the 2012 horror film The Possession was based on offered to bring the box to set, he politely declined. According to Morgan, a lot of supernatural things were already taking place on the set, even without the box around to invite them. Lights exploded during a take. Cold breezes burst through a closed set. Chills ran all over his brusque, six-foot-two body.

The creepiest of all involved fire. Morgan told Hollywood Reporter: “We had all of our props [for] a couple [of] days after we finished wrapping [up]. They put everything in [the] storage for if you’re gonna do reshoots or anything. It burnt to the ground. It was investigated, and there were no signs of arson, no electrical fire.”

Morgan also shared that included in the key props destroyed in the fire was the imitation dybbuk box used for the film. Meanwhile, the real box is said to contain a spirit that devours its human host.

4.    Ryan Eigenmann

For years, Ryan Eigenmann has hosted the weekly horror reality series Misteryo. Because of this, he has grown quite used to things that would normally trigger goosebumps all over our arms. And yet, he still will never forget the trip he took to Manila City Hall for the show in 2014. Together with a few paranormal experts, he ventured through the halls of the decades-old building. While there, he felt a different kind of presence around him. He asked the experts what was going on and what they could see, and they told him there was a female ghost wrapping her arms around him.

Eigenmann recounted to GMA News, “[It was a] Spanish-looking lady wearing old period clothes. [Apparently, she] asked me for help because she didn’t know why she was still there. I think she knew she was dead, pero ‘di niya alam bakit ‘di siya maka-move on. And she felt an attachment with me because I look Spanish.”

5.    Tonton Gutierrez

Tonton Gutierrez and his wife Glydel Mercado had an unexpected visitor join them in filming the last scene of their 2010 horror film Dalaw. While shooting in a house 40 years abandoned at the time, the cameras caught what looked like a child’s head peering out a door. But the set was closed and there were no children around.

Gutierrez revealed to that he didn’t see nor feel anything when he was looking at the door as he was acting.

The editors of the film left the scene untouched, with the sudden appearance of the head immortalized in the final cut.

Words Fe Esperanza Trampe

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