#ChAve Goes on the Ultimate Bonding Experience in Sagada

The travel destination perfect for adventure-loving BFFs

It may require an eight-hour drive, but for the nature bug, it’s well worth the trip.

Sagada is a piece of paradise nestled in Mountain Province in Cordillera and the perfect escape from city life. If a scenic road trip, breathtaking views, getting in touch with nature and getting some peace and quiet are on your travel checklist, consider this place a strong contender for your next out-of-town trip.


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Long before films like Don’t Give Up on Us and That Thing Called Tadhana put this spot on the mainstream radar, Sagada had always been a popular destination among nature-loving friends. For first-timers, widely raved about spots like the Hanging Coffins of Echo Valley, Kamanbaneng Peak, Lumiang and Sumaguing caves (a.k.a. the Sagada Cave Connection) and Bomod-ok Falls are what initially pique their interest. What keeps them coming back, however, is the unparalleled experience that no written description or travel roundup on the internet can ever duplicate. All that’s safe to say is that in Sagada, a day-to-night adventure is guaranteed—Every. Single. Time.

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Attesting to this with a firsthand experience in the great “Marlboro Country” are blogger buddies Cha Ocampo and Patrice “Ave” Averilla. The two, who go by the quirky BFF tandem #ChAve, are known for their glamorous adventures in exotic places. But no matter where their careers take them—Sri Lanka to the Maldives to Japan, you name it—these well-traveled ladies know that there’s still no place like home.


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In the latest episode of Globe’s Scenezoned, watch #ChAve go on the ultimate bonding experience. For the pair, the episode is somewhat a travel diary entry; for viewers, it’s a virtual tour of a Sagada conquest that’s one for the books. The plan in this Scenezoned episode? To regain perspective.


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“This year has been a hell of a rollercoaster ride for the both of us but we remained strong & lifted each other up to become better,” shared Ave in an Instagram post, capping off her Sagada adventure with Cha. “For those who are facing any sort of problem right now, always remember that sometimes God doesn't give you what you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve more. Just trust the process.”


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When the grunt work and overwhelming demands of city life take their toll and knock you off-balance, there really is no better place to go find yourself and recenter.

Click on for the full Scenezoned episode featuring Cha and Ave:

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Photo Joseph Pascual

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