Why Cher Will Forever Be Our Queen

Our love for her will go on



Icon, inspiration, institution—all suitable words to describe Cher. But we do have one more word that fits her to a tee: Queen. There are very few musicians who can boast her level, both in terms of accomplishments and respect from the music industry. Her life has been colorful but her talent remains unchanged.


The OG

Born in 1946, Cher’s life was colorful from the very beginning. Her mother was a model and actress, an occupation that opened Cher’s eyes to the world of entertainment. When she was 16, she left high school and moved to Hollywood.


Some years after meeting Salvatore “Sonny” Bono, who was at that point a humble protégé of producer Phil Spector, the two wed in 1964. They worked on an act that the world would come to know as Sonny and Cher.


Independent as always

Despite the success of the musical duo, Cher did lay the ground for her work as a solo artist. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) was her first top 5 solo single.


Breaking borders

When the hits stopped coming, Sonny and Cher took a different route. They put on a cabaret act, which was eventually taken on by CBS. By 1971, the pair had their own variety program. The comedic show eventually led to an Emmy nomination and then more musical tracks.


Like a phoenix on the rise

After her divorce, Cher was unable to work as a performer due to contractual entanglements. During that time, she took gigs as a model instead. But by 1979, Cher released Take Me Home, which marked her return to the top of the ranks. Then in 1987, she won an Oscar for best actress for her role in Moonstruck.



The years have not slowed her down

It really seems as if nothing can stop Cher—the least of them being age. Despite her decades in the industry, she’s known by multiple generations and each of these generations show the same respect when listening to her tracks. Her talent is as fresh and relevant as ever, and she’s completely unafraid to prove this.


Cher, who is now 71 years old, currently has a show going on in Las Vegas. But while most of us will not have the luxury of seeing her onstage, she did recently perform at the Billboard Music Awards. Believe is a classic, and no one sings it like Cher. Did we mention she was given the Icon Award too?


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