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Get Halloween Ready With These Classic Horror Games


The graphics weren’t great, but we still have nightmares


Way back when video gaming was still learning to crawl, the graphics left a lot to our imaginations. The characters were pixelated, the landscapes didn’t blow with the wind and everything was just generally boxy. But despite it all, we had a good time. And when it came to horror games, we were left virtually running for our lives.


Silent Hill 2

The original Silent Hill game did a lot to set the groundwork for what would be one of the best horror game franchises, but we have a soft spot for Silent Hill 2. The game dove into the psyche of its protagonist, James Sunderland, in a way that no other game has been able to.


On the surface, Silent Hill 2 is just like a lot of games—you collect keys to get around, health items to heal yourself and ammo to battle monsters. Underneath, it’s about absolution, and psychological games and experiments.



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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

One of the scariest things to play around with is the idea of innocence—and breaking it. Fatal Frame II focuses on the story of little girls that live in a village and you basically watch as their innocence is threatened by the supernatural forces that haunt them.


In the game, you control one of the girls whose only means of defense is throwing herself in harm’s way and facing the horror head on. Over and over again, this is done with every enemy.



Resident Evil 2

The Resident Evil franchise introduced the gaming world to a now tried and tested formula of a survival horror game amidst a zombie apocalypse. The story itself is straight to the point, but the jump scares, monsters and sheer thrill of the game will keep you hooked.


As the protagonist, explore the fictional world and solve puzzles that are essential to survival. Fight with limited ammunition that forces you to think on your feet and minimize shooting from fear.



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Clock Tower

Being adopted normally means a good thing, but that is not the case for poor Jennifer Simpson and the rest of her adopted sisters. In this point and click game set in Norway, players take the role of Jennifer as she needs to find out exactly what happened to everyone in the house.


The unhinged Mary Barrows is bad enough, but things really get freaky when Bobby (a.k.a Scissorman) is finally introduced.



Haunting Ground

Survival horror games add extra stress to gameplay by limiting a player’s resources. But in Haunting Ground, you have no resources whatsoever. You have no choice but to run and hide from your pursuers. Moreover, your only ally is a dog named Hewie, who will only help if you treat him well and keep up his interest.


You play the role of Fiona, who wakes up in a cage after a car accident. She has very little memory of how she got there. She must then solve puzzles and avoid her pursuers to survive the night.



Scared yet? You will be when you play these games again. 

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