Closet Tours to Watch for Style Inspiration

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All this time indoors might prompt you to ponder all sorts of space upgrades. It could be all the ways you could make home improvements. It could also be all the ways to rework your wardrobe, specifically.

If both happen to hold true, why not consider making a closet makeover (or maybe even make-under) your next quarantine project? Ahead, we round up just the videos to guide you and give you a dose of closet inspo.

AD’s Open Door Closet Tour Compilation

Architectural Digest on YouTube has long been a source of home design inspiration thanks to their Open Door series. Below, a compilation of the standout closets from the celebrity homes they’ve toured. Queer Eye’s Tan France, actress Liv Tyler and designer Michael Kors are just some of the names included.

Shaira Luna

Local style and pop culture platform Wonder has also gotten into closet tours. In their latest Wonder Closets episode, they drop by the home of celebrated fashion and commercial photographer Shaira Luna, who’s also amassed a following over her vintage and thrift shopping adventures.

Camille Rowe

Inside the Wardrobe is where stylist Bay Garnett swings by the places of some very influential figures known for their impeccable style: from supermodels and editors to the original fashion bloggers and musicians. In the episode ahead, Camille Rowe lets the British Vogue team into her apartment, and gives them the freedom to rummage through her wardrobe. 

Von Miller

On the topic of extreme (dream) closets: Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller gets a special mention. With a closet that mimics a retail store setup, see Miller’s polished setups for his apparel, eyewear, sneakers and hats.

The Gucci Atelier with Dapper Dan

In this episode of HYPEBEAST Visits, designer Dapper Dan shows the team around the Gucci Atelier in Harlem, New York (not a closet, obviously, but provides style inspiration just the same!). What’s noteworthy here is the way Gucci’s history and heritage are highlighted. See how fashion and décor interconnect to ultimately tell a story.

Camille Charriere with Alexa Chung

Before this gets written off as yet another go at explaining effortless, French-girl style, count on “it” girl Alexa Chung to explore a different perspective. Below, she stops by the flat of fashion journalist and good friend Camille Charriere for a substantial breakdown of the French girl’s je nais se quoi.

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