Missed the First Coachella Livestream? Relive the Moment with These Playlists

A recap of last week’s Coachella performers

When the Coachella 2019 line-up was released some time back, reactions were mixed to say the least. Some headliners were to be expected, while others were surprising choices for the yearly music and arts festival. While there were people marked their calendars and pledged to get their hands on tickets as soon as the list was released, others called the roster scatterbrained or too ambitious to be cohesive. Understandable, what with performers from the realms of hiphop, country and even Asian pop coming together for the festival.

However, one thing is for certain: it worked. Is there anyone who hasn’t talked about Coachella in the past week?

In case you missed the livestream for 2019’s first Coachella weekend, keep reading. Ahead, we take you on a makeshift music adventure with some of the most memorable acts from last weekend.

Ariana Grande

We’ve seen it time and time again at every music awards show, every concert clip gone viral. Ariana is a performer. No questions asked, the crowds knew she was going to perform over and beyond the expectations that fell on her shoulders as one of the headliners of Coachella's first weekend, and she did just that with her killer pipes, high-energy performances, and yes, that mini N'Sync reunion she orchestrated, too.

Childish Gambino

It's safe to say everyone was excited for Donald Glover, and not just because Guava Island (his short film with Rihanna, you know the one) was set to premiere as part of his Coachella set. Bringing a novelty to attendees of the festival, he didn't just perform heartfelt numbers and leave people to listen. Guests were gifted with an interactive experience thanks to a partnership with Google. Think large installations that made use of beams of light and unreleased Childish Gambino tracks.


In a show-stopping 13-song performance, the four songstresses of BLACKPINK marked a first in Coachella history as the first K-Pop group to grace the festival's stage. The audience, thick with K-Pop fans and self-confessed celebrity BLINKs alike, sang and danced along to the group's top-charting tracks. Coachella also marked the kick-off for the USA leg of the group's IN YOUR AREA tour.

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Billie Eilish

While Billie Eilish's body of work is arguably an acquired taste, one thing's for certain: there exist hundreds of thousands who want to see this teenager perform. So much so, in fact, that despite her set starting half an hour late, crowds were quick to turn around and watch Eilish make up for lost time. Her performance even got recognition from Justin Bieber, who she has openly admitted is her long-time idol and the motivation behind her fame.


If you haven't heard of Perfume, it's time to get educated. Formed in 2000, this trio is easily one of Japan's most influential girl groups. In their nineteenth year, Perfume made history yet again with their performance at Coachella.


Another cultural first for the festival was Grammy winner Rosalia's performance. Proudly from Spain, her sound is a gorgeous mix of Flamenco smoothness and modern electronic beats—the kind of eclectic music we never knew we needed but now refuse to unhear. Take a listen to her discography below to get an idea of what you missed out on during her Coachella set.

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All of this is literally just the beginning. Stay on the lookout for the next round of performances from the second Coachella weekend of the year!

Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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