Commercials That Gave Us The #Feels: Absent Children, An Angry Mother & A Group Of Unassuming Heroes

Sometimes a three minute commercial says more than a two hour film

Over the past week, Jollibee has put everyone through a rollercoaster of emotions with their Valentine’s Day commercials entitled Vow, Date and Crush. You know them, they were flooding your newsfeed for hours, along with curses at the local fast-food chain or crying emojis. But beyond these three video clips is a treasure chest of other heart wrenching commercials.

Warning: grab those tissues.

“Homecoming” from EDEKA

This commercial from EDEKA, a German supermarket corporation, tells the story of a lonely father whose children cancel their Christmas plans to see him. Desperate to see his family, he does the almost unthinkable.

“My Dad’s Story” from MetLife Hong Kong

People often talk about a mother’s love for her children, which somehow, wrongly, puts a father’s love in second place. The following commercial from MetLife, an insurance company, tries to spin this around in a beautifully-made 3 minute video, which shows the sacrifices a father will make in order to give his daughter the life she deserves.

“For Our #1 Lolas” From Nido

Nevertheless, a mother’s love will never be and can never be replaced. It’s just different, largely because no one is every going to be as understanding of you as your mother. Nido shows this in the commercial below, which only proves that no matter how much they hound us and demand perfection, they will always, always, have a soft spot for us.

“Almusal” from Jollibee

Released about a year ago, this two minute video shares the love between a happy and loving couple that have their morning breakfast routine down to the second. Showing all the aspect of a relationship, from the little annoyances to the awe-inspiring moments, this commercial is sure to hit home and will get the tears flowing.

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” from Globe Philippines

Not all heroes wear capes, this has been said time and time again, but it is always true. Sometimes they are that silent source of strength we need to keep going day in and day out. And sometimes, the effects are all encompassing and the results are so heartwarming that it reaches a point of healing.

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