Are You Ready For Complex Philippines?

Another international magazine lands in the Philippines

You read that right: the country’s newest media and entertainment company Kroma Entertainment is bringing the US fashion and pop culture source Complex to the Philippines. Consider this your invitation to gobble up all things pop culture via Complex PH with hot content—and even hotter wings. 

Ahead, get to know Complex and find out what you should be looking out for as it debuts.

Say Hello to Complex

Fond of those viral sneaker shopping videos where celebrities cop the hottest kicks in history? Or what about the fiery conversations at Hot Ones where celebrities go through servings of hot wings while being interviewed? If you do, then you’ve probably heard of Complex.

Complex is a media source that boasts a strong portfolio of brands and content in the fashion, food, and music categories. It’s the name behind viral internet hits such as Hot Ones, Sneaker Shopping, Snacked, Full Size Run, and more. As it continues to expand its lineup of programs and content, its network is doing the same globally: Complex has already reached Canada, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, and China.

This is also the flagship brand of Complex Networks, the company responsible for First We Feast and Sole Collector, to name a few. As a modern entertainment company, Complex Networks works with premium distributors such as Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify in order to bring music, movie, sports, video game, fashion, and food content to its audience. The network was recently acquired by BuzzFeed Inc., an even bigger name in the world of mainstream media and entertainment, which means big things are on the horizon for Complex.

The Next Big Move by Kroma Entertainment

Kroma Entertainment CEO Ian Monsod expressed that this is one way the company is elevating Filipino talent and content. “We are very proud to collaborate with Complex in a partnership that will expand their unique voice, content, and other movements to the Philippines through the KROMA ecosystem of platforms,” he shared. “Kroma is all about giving Filipino audiences new ways to access world-class entertainment. Working with a leading global youth brand like Complex, under media and entertainment giant BuzzFeed, is aligned with this goal.”

The Kroma Publishing Group, a subsegment of the larger entertainment company, is hailed as a digital publishing network with top-notch titles such as Wonder and Freebie MNL. It’s also the name behind partner communities and creators Lunch Boxer PH, PinoyGamer, and TNC Pro ML. Through this, Kroma Entertainment wants to empower subcultures, create niche content, spark conversations, and build communities for the youth market, making it a match made in heaven between Kroma and Complex.

“Complex has always been authentic in our voice, to the cultures we represent, and the topics we cover,” said Nick Wang, SVP of International Business Development and Partnerships at BuzzFeed Inc. “With Kroma, we’re excited to represent and speak to these cultures and topics, which transcend borders and are just as important in the Philippines, but authentically from the Filipino perspective.”

Complex PH Coming Soon

With the brand’s myriad of content, the possibilities of seeing the worlds of style, sports, music, and more through the Filipino lens are endless. Complex PH is set to become your ultimate fashion and pop culture source rolled into one. Expect brand-spanking-new material that you can enjoy across various platforms.

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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