5 Fabulous Looks From Die Beautiful

Trisha/Patrick’s beautiful transformations are enough to make you want to watch the movie if you haven’t yet

The past few weeks, social media has been abuzz about this year’s refreshingly different lineup of movies at the Metro Manila Film Festival. But what received the most buzz probably was Jun Robles Lana’s Die Beautiful starring the very talented Paolo Ballesteros.

Dramedy Die Beautiful follows the life and (mostly) death of Trisha whose real name is Patrick, as well as sheds light on the dreams and struggles of the gay community. The movie begins with her death with flashbacks of her glamorous life as a daughter, mother, girlfriend, wife and beauty queen. But if the forward-thinking plot is not enough to make you want to see the movie, surely these fabulous looks will.


As Lady Gaga for the Die Beautiful Blog Con


As Beyonce in the movie


As Julia Roberts from Runaway Bride


As Angelina Jolie at the Tokyo International Film Festival 


At the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival Parade 

Some fast facts about Die Beautiful:

1.      Paolo Ballesteros does his own makeup for all the looks

2.      Each transformation takes about 3 hours to complete

3.      Final touches are made on set after Paolo checks how the makeup looks with the lighting and on the camera screen. This takes another hour

The result though. Perfection!

Die Beautiful is still showing in theaters.

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