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11 Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Moments We’ll Never Forget - go!

11 Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Moments We’ll Never Forget

Already miss the cast of DRPH? Here, relive the highlights of season one

RuPaul’s Drag Race has come a long way since launching in the US in 2009. It’s taken over reality television. With its success came franchises cropping up left and right; Drag Race fans in the Philippines, of course, waited patiently for news about Drag Race Philippines. This year, they got their wish. 

Drag Race Philippines finally aired in the country via discovery+ Philippines and HBO GO Philippines, where, after two months of top-tier entertainment and touching tearjerkers, the first season ended with Precious Paula Nicole reigning as the first Drag Race Superstar hailing from the Philippines. Alongside her fellow queens, of course, you bet there were too many iconic moments and catchphrases throughout the season. Here, we look back and enjoy some of them.

If you want to relive some of the most unforgettable moments on Drag Race Philippines, we got you covered. Scroll through!

11 Drag Race Philippines Moments That Ought To Live Rent-Free in Your Head

Both the main show and Untucked gave audiences a lot of gag-worthy scenes. From Eva Le Queen’s tampalpuke lines to the legendary “Pop Off Ate!” performances, here are the DRPH moments that ought to live rent-free in your head—as we all wait for season two.

Viñas Deluxe’s Tuwalya Entrance Look

Viñas Deluxe put her own spin on RuPaul’s “we’re all born naked” line in the pilot episode when she entered the werkroom dressed in nothing but towels and a showerhead prop.

The queens’ jaws dropped, with Eva Le Queen saying: “I have spent weeks trying to design my outfit, and then she walks in a f***** towel!”

“The Shooooooooes!”

The show’s host and main judge Paolo Ballesteros made her meme status official in the first episode with her critique of Prince's terno runway outfit—most notably, her shoooooooes. The shoes in question didn’t flatter the ensemble and were revealed to fit poorly when the camera zoomed in.

“Where’s the Flowers?”

One of Mama Pao’s other memeable moments happened in the second episode while commenting on Corazon's outfit. When asked where the flowers were in her look per the challenge’s requirements, the queen turned around to show just a few nestled on her skirt train.

The cut to the host’s face and her simple “Okay” was as subtle as it was shady.

Mama Pao from Drag Race Philippines

Photo: YouTube

Brigiding vs. Minty Fresh

While already mentioned in the pilot, the show explored the feud between Brigiding and Minty Fresh more in Untucked. The drama between the two queens stemmed from Brigiding asking Minty Fresh questions about her beef with Marina Summers before the two came to Drag Race, ultimately making her uncomfortable.

When Brigiding mentioned that drag was “insensitive in the Philippines,” Eva Le Queen and Minty Fresh clapped back in unison with: “It’s not insensitive. You’re just insensitive.”

A Wig-Snatching Performance

Episode 3 had the queens pay homage to girl groups by writing their own lyrics and doing their own choreography.

While it seemed like Precious Paula Nicole’s team (Pink Pussy Energy) seemingly looked like the stronger team as they had all the RuBadge holders, Brigiding’s team (the Flexbomb Girls) turned the tables around with their wig-snatching performance. Both versions of the featured track “Pop Off Ate!” have since been performed several times in live shows, like at the recently held G Music Fest.

Shake, Rattle, and Rampa!

After the girl group performances, the queens were asked to bring their scariest looks to the runway. Several contestants in this challenge stood out, with Viñas Deluxe's manananggal, Precious Paula Nicole giving birth to three tiyanaks onstage, and Turing's amazing tiktik.

This episode also gave us Gigi Era’s hilarious “When I think of tiyanak…” line.

Tampalpuke… right?

No Drag Race season is complete without Snatch Game. Considered the true test of impersonation in the show, the queens gave us several outstanding performances.

Standouts included Xilhouete’s “…right?” as Dra. Vicki Belo, Marina Summers’ political references as the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and of course, Eva Le Queen’s tampalpuke lines as Rufa Mae Quinto.

Eva Le Queen as Rufa Mae Quinto holding a sign that says “Tampalpuke” from Drag Race Philippines’ Snatch Game

Photo: YouTube

Rajo Laurel’s Harshest Critique

Being critiqued is never easy, but Rajo Laurel ruffled the feathers of a lot of netizens after delivering a scathing and needlessly harsh line about Eva Le Queen’s outfit in episode 7. Not happy with Eva’s Divisoria-inspired look, he called the ensemble “trash.”

The Untucked episode showed Eva at her breaking point. Since the episode aired, however, she has stated on Twitter that she and Rajo have patched things up.

Rajo Laurel as a judge on Drag Race Philippines

Photo: YouTube

Unfinished Business

What better way to settle a feud than a lip sync? After the judges sent Brigiding and Minty Fresh to the bottom in episode 6, both thought they could finally send the other home. Much to their surprise (and displeasure), the result was a double shantay.

Their unfinished business was finally settled in episode 8, however, with Minty Fresh sending Brigiding home.

Mother vs. Daughter Lip Sync Battles

Pitting mother against daughter seems like a cruel plot twist, but we saw this happen not once but twice in the show. First, Xilhouete and Minty Fresh battled things out for the final spot in the finale, with the mother sending her daughter home in tears.

This happened again in the finale, with Xilhouete and Marina Summers facing off for the finals. The latter secured her spot in the top 2.

“Bandera Ko’y Di Tutumba”

Precious Paula Nicole and Marina Summers emerged as the top two queens vying for the crown. Who lip synced their way into becoming the first Drag Superstar of the Philippines?

The final lip sync featured the two performing to “Sirena” by Gloc-9 feat. Ebe Dancel, a song that actually resonated so much with their backstories and journey to Drag Race. In the end, Precious Paula Nicole was named the winner of Season 1 of DRPH.

Ready for More Drag Race?

The first season of Drag Race Philippines has it all: the hilarity of Snatch Game, the drama between the queens, fabulous outfits, and jaw-dropping performances. Every minute is worth the binge!

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