Dragon Ball FighterZ: The Details, Some New Info & Our Wish List

No, it just cannot come soon enough

Dragon Ball is one of those few franchises that have successfully conquered generation after generation, despite passing tends and gender biases. So it’s really no wonder why everyone is anticipating the release of Arc System Works and Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Here’s what we know

The game is a 2.5D fighting game that takes place in the anime universe. Each team is composed of three unique characters and the library of heroes and villains are filled with Dragon Ball personalities we love and love to hate. At this point, the full roster of playable Dragon Ball FighterZ characters still hasn’t been fully announced. Nevertheless, we already have our eyes on Goku, teen Gohan, Vegeta, future Trunks, Majin Buu, Piccolo and Android 16.

But it’s not just familiar faces in the game that will take us back to Dragon Ball Z. Several iconic locations, including the World Tournament Stage, Planet Namek and Cell Games Arena will be playable areas.

Gamers will be able to switch between the characters in their team at any given time, with combos and assists also being possible. The goal is to defeat all the fighters of the opposing team, so we’re going to need to be smart in taking advantage of character’s strengths and shielding their weaknesses.

Here’s some new stuff

The DBZ game was announced some time ago, but the little details are being released slowly. Most recently, we were able to see just what we have to look forward to when Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan Blue in Dragonball FighterZ.

Here’s what we want

We’re thrilled about what we’ve been seeing, but we can’t help but have our own little wish lists too – starting with the characters. We’d love to be able to play and fight as Broly, Hit, the hilarious Mr. Satan and the Universe 7 God of Destruction himself, Beerus. These characters may not have had a lot of air time, but they definitely impressed us with their fighting styles.

Another thing we want to see are the rather obscure moves of the iconic characters. Just think about how great it would be to have the chance to use Gotenks' ghost attack or Son Goku's energy ball and dragon fist.

The full details of Dragon Ball FighterZ haven’t been released yet, so there is a definite possibility of our wishes coming true. Either way, we cannot wait till the game is released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in February 2018. 

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